Relocatable Homes: How Do They Weigh Up?

Relocatable homes or transportable homes are buildings that are designed and constructed to be moved from one place to another by vehicle. It is a common question that many ask, “if they are made to be moved, are they as strong as on-site built homes?”

In order to answer this question you need to first consider, what kind of on-site home you are comparing a relocatable or transportable home to. If you are comparing two homes built of the same material composition with one designed to be relocatable/transportable and one not, then relocatable homes are actually built at equal strength, if not stronger. It wouldn’t, however; be a fair trial to compare a double brick on-site home to a timber home. With all this said, how a home is constructed is not the only concept that needs to be considered. The foundations and supports of a home, be it a relocatable home or on-site built home, needs to be strong and durable. So, what makes a relocatable home a reliable choice?

Built To Meet Strict Building Approval Guidelines

Due to the fact that relocatable homes are transported by vehicles, the design and structure of a relocatable home is required to go through a thorough building approval process. This process ensures that the home is safe and able to withstand not only all that an on-site home is required to withstand, but also transportation factors. Different councils and states have differing safety regulations and building guidelines, however; with Hoek Modular Homes, if you buy a relocatable home through us, we take care of all council approvals for you.

Made To Move

As mentioned previously, relocatable homes are designed, constructed and approved to be transported. This means that additional considerations and adaptations are added into the home design to ensure it can handle being lifted by crane, travelling at speeds of up to 100km/h on a truck, being exposed to the elements and is strong and durable decades after it has been settled at its destination. The home’s strong, steel subframes are bolted and welded to its foundations on site to ensure that when your home is in place, it will be able to endure all Australia has to throw at it.

Factory Built Removes Compromise

Transportable and relocatable homes are built in a factory making them less exposed to the elements whilst under construction. Eliminating factors that can compromise a structures overall strength and durability, achieves a greater opportunity for it to be stronger and last longer.

Pest & Weather Resistant Quality Building Materials

Transportable and relocatable homes could go anywhere, be it the outback, amongst a rainforest, by the ocean or on a mountain top. With this in mind, relocatable homes are built with materials that prevent their durability and safety being compromised by pests or weather patterns likely to be found in any location in Australia. At Hoek Modular Homes, all our relocatable homes are built from termite resistant, treated recycled materials, Colorbond roofing and Weathertex cladding, as well as with protective fly and security doors to ensure not only is your home protected from the elements, pests and thieves but is also more environmentally friendly.

Lower Costs Not Standards

Relocatable homes are often cheaper not due to anything lacking in the design but more due to their construction process located in a factory. Building a home in a factory compared to building an on-site home is a cheaper option as building materials can be bought in bulk and used on various homes instead of buying materials for only one home, plus extra in case of damages. Buying in bulk and re-using leftovers not only saves money but also reduces waste, making factory home building processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Home building companies who operate from a factory also are charged less by any contractors they hire in the final placement process. This is due to the majority of the work being done in the factory by their own employed labourers. There is also less additional costs involved in factory-based home building such as, insurances, material transportation and other transportation costs. Building times are also reduced in a factory, thus, labourers work less hours overall, reducing labour costs. Even though transportable and relocatable homes come at a lower cost to you, their building standard and quality is not in any way reduced due to this.

Relocatable/Transportable Home Experts

Transportable and relocatable home builders generally specialise in these type of homes. These relocatable home specialist are experts in their home’s building, transportation and fixture processes. This in-depth knowledge of these processes ensures each step of a home build is carried out to perfection, so you can rest assured your home is in good hands.


If you are looking for a transportable or relocatable home builder why not talk to our specialists here at Hoek Modular Homes. We been proudly providing quality modular, granny flat and cabin relocatable homes to thousands of Australians since 1967. Contact us today, call us on (07) 3889 7385.