There comes a point in everyone’s life where you want to own your own home. The feeling of truly owning something that belongs to you is a wonderful feeling. Being able to customise your home to however you want, install the things you want and not pay to stay in a home that you may have to leave when a lease runs out. All renters know the struggle. These days when you compare the current cost of renting and the average home loan repayments, combined with the Government’s first homeowner’s grants, the affordability to own your own home isn’t too far out of the picture. The only aspect that bears weight is the concern of being able to afford the living expenses while paying off the loan. This is where many first homebuyers are turning to modular and prefabricated homes to give them a little more peace of mind.

Why Choose A Modular Home?

1. Environmentally Friendly

Modular homes due to their smart design and construction method are a lot kinder on the environment than standard houses. Prefabricated buildings, which include modular homes, are built in sections in a factory. This method of construction enables materials and resources to be bought in bulk by the manufacturer and any excess reused or recycled. This not only reduces waste but also is cheaper for the manufacturer, which in turn is cheaper for you. Hoek Modular Homes construct all their homes with recycled, compressed sustainable forest products that are also termite resistant. This comes standard with all our homes. The use of these products supports the sustainable farming of trees for the use of construction, ensuring our forests and our future is one that is bright and prosperous.


2. Customisable

When deciding on your dream home, you obviously want to be able to choose how it will look. Modular homes, like regular homes, are custom designable to ensure your home is exactly how you want it. Everything from a roof style that captures the solar benefits from the sun, to what carpet, tiles or blinds, you can hand pick at your leisure. You can visit our list of custom designable features here.


3. Affordable

Due to a modular home’s ability to be built in sections at a factory, the cost of construction is generally a lot cheaper than standard on site built homes; meaning it’s cheaper for you. There aren’t the additional costs of transporting the individual materials, equipment, onsite insurances and workers to the worksite. Savings that are made on the construction result in savings for the customer.


4. Can be placed Anywhere

Modular homes can be transported and relocated, again and again, to anywhere easily accessible by truck. If the location you want isn’t easily accessible, no problem! Modular homes can also be built on-site. Whether you dream of a quiet forest home by a stream or on the top of a mountain, a modular home is perfect for you. Talk to our friendly team today to find out about our onsite built options or to see if your property is transport-friendly locations.


5. Fast Construction Time

Construction carried out within a factory doesn’t need to take weather into much consideration. Unlike on-site built homes, where access can be treacherous and construction halted during downpours, factory built homes are protected from the weather and can be accessed without drama to ensure work is continuous. This factor plays a massive role in the construction time for homes. Modular homes can take approximately 10 weeks to build, depending on size and style, which is a lot faster than standard on site built homes. Less time you’ll be waiting around that calendar, striking out the days.


6. Easy Maintenance

The modular home simple, yet stylish designs are easy to maintain. As they are built in sections that are combined on-site, they are easily repaired in the same manner if disaster strikes. The utilised space makes for easy organisation and cleaning. The solid structure and materials also protect them again harsh weather conditions such as strong wind, hot, humid and termite prone areas. So you can live with a little peace of mind, knowing that the only thing that will blow you away is the cleverness of the design.


How To Find The Right One For You?

If you think a modular home might be for you, the best way to find out the right type is to talk to an expert who can help point you in the right direction. By arranging a meeting with us, we can discuss your plans, design options/customisations, your budget and show you through some plans that may interest you. Here at Hoek Modular Homes, we really listen and love to hear your dreams for your new home. Contact our friendly team to arrange a meeting today.


Are you looking to buy a modular home? Hoek Modular Homes have been proudly building quality, affordable prefabricated, granny flat, cabin and modular homes to thousands of Australians since 1967. Contact us at Hoek Modular Homes today. Call (07) 3889 7385.