Where To Buy Prefab Modular Homes In Brisbane

From a mile away, it’s difficult to tell apart prefabricated modular homes from traditional real estate. Even up close the seamless details and the engineering done on modular homes make it hard to tell the difference between the two. But don’t be fooled: prefab homes and traditional homes aren’t one and the same.

What Qualifies As Prefabricated Modular 

Unless you were there to see the house being delivered and installed on a lot, there is really no “objective” way of identifying a prefabricated modular home apart from other homes.

Simply put, modular homes are houses built inside a controlled setting like a factory. Everything from the exterior of the house up to the very intricate interior details is made off-site in a factory. The inclusions on a modular home depend entirely on the company; some don’t include electrical fittings and waterproofing work.

If you’re thinking of modular homes as those box-looking modern homes, then you’re technically right. Most of those are prefab homes, but there’s no guarantee that everyone you see was built inside a factory. While most of these houses do sport the modern look we often see today, a dwelling can only be characterized as a pre-fab if it was manufactured off-site in a factory, aided by graphic tools on a computer to draw up specifications.

The geometric patterns we see featured in pre-fab homes are a result of the default computer graphics used to create these layouts. These can be further modified to fit the residents’ lifestyles and tastes.


How Modular Homes Are Built

The building process varies depending on the company you’re working with. At Hoek Modular Homes, we present a 7-step guide from start to finish:

1) Enquiry

This stage is very crucial to the building process because it will determine the layout and style of the house. You are asked to evaluate your lifestyle, your needs, your wants. You will also be taken to the construction site to see where and how houses are made.

2) Design

This is where the budget comes in. We talk to you about what you want in your home and we offer our expert advice in the process. You can decide whether or not you want to pick among hundreds of our standard designs, or if you want something custom-made for you.

Modular homes can accommodate various design specifications, but the most common ones range anywhere from 1-5 bedroom units.

3) Site Visit

Before a build is involved, the site where the house will be placed is inspected so the engineers can get a better view of the land. They measure it accordingly and make sure that the land is in a livable condition.

4) Specifications

After the assessment stages, plans are drawn up and an estimated price is given. As soon as you give your seal of approval, the building begins immediately.

5) Logistics and Design 

Before we go further into the design, we sign the contracts to finalize the agreement. As part of the process, you will also be asked to select the colours and finishes for your tiles and cabinetry. During this step, you will be able to finalise payment obligations and other necessary details.

6) Construction 

Prefab homes are built in a much shorter time than traditional real estate. In as little time as 8 weeks, you can be moving into your brand new house. Regular updates will be given to you throughout the process.

7) Move In

After everything has been settled, the home is delivered to the site (unless built in the area) and the property is turned over to you.

Building a modular home may be more cost- and time-efficient, but risking working with a bad company can turn an otherwise hassle-free experience into a very stressful one. Work with a company that has been building modular homes for Brisbane residents for over 50 years.  Work with someone like Hoek.


No Modular Homes Are Built The Same: Why Choose Hoek 

Getting a prefab modular home is a perfect solution for permanent dwelling without resorting to exorbitant expenses. You get the same quality and feel for a real house at a more economical rate.

To make sure you get the best deal on your modular home, it’s important to understand what standard inclusions are part of the building package. Most companies cover only the bare essentials of the build, which might prove more costly when things like electrical fittings, water supply, and building fees are factored into the final computation.

At Hoek Modular Homes, we offer a great package you can’t resist, mainly because we understand that this is your home we’re talking about. Here are the standard inclusions our company offers, that even some of the biggest companies don’t:

  • Site inspection and soil test
  • Complete fees for building
  • Colorbond roofing
  • Termite protection
  • Vinyl flooring and carpeting
  • Laminated kitchen and cooktop
  • Electrical fittings
  • Security screens
  • Tiling

Our homes are built in a fully-equipped warehouse in Lawnton, Brisbane, Queensland. From there, we transport the homes included in the cost up to 100kms from the factory to give you a stress-free move in experience. Given our 7-step rule, we assure our residents that every home is built specifically for them, with topnotch quality and design.

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