The Brisbane Modular Home Building Expert

Who doesn’t want to have a home of their own? After years of renting, even the most travel-happy people would want to settle down in a place they can proudly call theirs. The problem; however, is that traditional methods of financing for real property aren’t always the best path. Luckily, the advent of modular homes solves this generation’s problem with affordability and commitment by providing a cost-efficient solution to owning real property.

Modular Homes: A Refresher

Finding modular homes in Brisbane can often be quite a challenge, especially if you’re not sure about what you’re looking for. Most people don’t recognize the difference between modular and manufactured homes, which could also lead you into unknowingly buying something else entirely.

Essentially, manufactured homes are built for transportation. Have you seen one of those tiny houses on wheels? That’s a manufactured home. It’s built to be mobile, open to relocation from one site to another.

Modular homes, on the other hand, are pretty much like your good old fashioned home. Except they are built off-site, which is why they’re usually referred to as prefab homes, system-built homes, or factory-built.

Benefits of Owning Modular Homes

One of the main reasons why people prefer modular homes over traditionally made houses is cost-efficiency. In a financial climate where more and more people are finding it difficult to finance real property, modular homes are a great solution for affordable permanent residency.

The unique thing about modular homes is its building process. While traditional homes are done on-site, modular units are produced inside a factory and transported to a lot. Modular homes should be installed on lots owned by the homeowner.

Contrary to what most people think, modular homes are actually built to last. Even in the harshest of Australian climates, it can withstand storms and usual natural calamities.

Another thing people get wrong about modular homes is its appraisal rate. Don’t let its more compact design fool you—if built well, a modular-type real property can easily fetch prices equal to traditional real estate. It’s also subject to the same taxes as traditionally made homes.

Finding A Good Modular Home Company

Modular homes in Brisbane are the perfect avenues for both investment and rental opportunities, and who better to work with than a leading modular home expert?

You’ve probably heard of Hoek Modular Homes for their granny flats, cabins, and modular homes. Basically, anything compact, customizable, and cost-efficient.

This company has been out and about the Brisbane area for about 50 years and is best known for creating large experiences in compact spaces. Just check out their online catalogue for an extensive list of over 200 standard designs.

You may be wondering, “Why should I choose Hoek Modular Homes to build my modular home in Brisbane?” The answer rests in their 7-step process. One thing customers note about Hoek Modular Homes is exemplary customer care.

From the enquiry stage, potential modular homeowners are able to ask everything from costs to quality to building time and can receive well-approximated answers for their concerns.

During the design process, you can talk to their designers about floor space, functionality, and other amazing features to add to your home. They may have hundreds of designs ready, but you can always pitch in custom designs that would fit your personality.

Benefits Of Choosing Hoek Modular Homes

Aside from their 7-stop process, Hoke Modular Homes has a handful of inclusive services that would trump any other modular homes Brisbane company.

On average, the final price of modular homes could cost up to 20% more than the builder’s quote because of third-party services like electrical fittings and pest control.

But this isn’t the case with Hoek Modular Homes. Aside from taking charge of building and plumbing fees and applications, your home will also have electrical fittings by the move-in date. Really, all you have to do is discuss design, materials, and other interior features, and sit back as they do the rest.

The quote you receive is all-inclusive, meaning you won’t have to think about anything aside from moving in.

Here’s a list of the standard inclusions for all Hoek Modular Homes unit:

  • Site inspection and soil test
  • Colorbond roofing
  • Termite protection
  • Vinyl and carpet flooring
  • Earthwool insulation
  • Tiling and sealing of wet areas
  • Diamond mesh security for windows and doors
  • Three-coat interior painting with Haymes Ultra Premium
  • Steel subframe

They also offer a complimentary transportation and installation if your lot is within 100 kilometres of their factory.

Modular Home Soil Test
Modular Home Transportation And Installation

Choosing The Right Design

Let’s talk design. No modular home is built the same. Because it is made in-house, you’re actually subjected to limitless customization and design options.

Hoek Modular Homes’ designs can feature anywhere from one to five-bedroom units. Among the more popular standard designs are the Hinterland 100, Colorado 80, and Jasper 100.

Hoek Modular Homes Hinterland 100 Modular Home
Hoek Modular Homes Colorado 80 Modular Home
Hoek Modular Homes Jasper 100 Modular Home

These designs can house anywhere from four to six individuals and offer enough living space for a comfortable and cozy lifestyle. Here’s a hint: the numbers in the design model are a rough estimate of the floor space. Hinterland 100 measures up to 100 sqm, Colorado up to 86.5 sqm, and Jasper up to 112 sqm.

All of these models are built with a patio, a fully-functional kitchen, and even a laundry area. So despite the more compact design of these homes, Hoek Modular Homes doesn’t leave any space unused by maximizing floor space potential.

Their designs can feature anywhere from a modern to a cabin-type design. Just take up these details with the appointed site manager and go crazy on your interiors.

True enough, owning real property isn’t for everyone. But with companies like Hoek Modular Homes, everyone is a step closer to their dream house. Want to see if Hoek Modular Homes Brisbane is for you? Get in touch with them today and see what’s in store for you.