How To Find The Right Modular Home Builder For You

With so many home builders on the market these days, it can be overwhelming when trying to wade through the abundance of fancy websites and glossy brochures. By reading the following five tips, you’ll put your best foot forward and gain peace of mind as you embark upon a very exciting time building a house that will become your new dream home.

1. Know who you’re building with

How long have they been trading? Check their reputation. Look up the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to do some basic research on your shortlist of preferred home builders. Have they had any conflicts recorded against them? Who are the Directors of the company?


2. Know what you want in your new home

Don’t be afraid to ask for further details of inclusions. Make sure your builder understands what’s important to you and whether they offer flexibility to customise or design your own home. Be cautious of the over excited salesperson – they become so eager to make the sale they don’t listen to your specific needs. Don’t be told what you want!


3. Know your budget

This can be a sensitive topic between builders and customers, however, an indication of your budget is the best information you can give. It will get you started in the right direction to select the most appropriate design best suited to your budget. It is very disheartening to be oversold into a home that is priced outside your budget. Make sure you also take into consideration your fixed site costs i.e. – HSTP waste water systems/ rainwater tanks where applicable!


4. The cheapest quote is rarely the best quote

When selecting your new home there is much more involved than just price. You may not be aware of the large variation in quality of materials as well as the quality of work performed. If you have a quote that is significantly less than others, you need to ask yourself what has been missed? What isn’t included? Even, what is the quality of work performed? I have never heard of a company that operates on low margins to be available to come back and do any warranty work or repairs should they arise! Is that peace of mind? That leads me to m2 rates, it is a question commonly asked but the most misleading to use as a guide! Why you say? To keep it simple, we have two Birthday cakes both the same size and both 200grams. Cake A is $12.99 and always on sale at $6.50 per 100g it’s nothing exciting, but it is a birthday cake. Cake B is $25.99 and never goes on sale at $13 per 100g. Now at double the price, it is never on sale due to it having the best ingredients, the best flavour and they can’t sell enough of them, they never need to be on sale as they sell themselves. The same goes for homes and m/2 rates, don’t get caught by a lesser m/2 rate, there are a few more ingredients than a cake and many factors that make m2 rates a poor guide to follow.

Selecting A Modular Home Builder Home Build Quote

5. Know the building process

Be aware that research has shown that building a house is one of the top three most stressful life events. So, make sure that your new home builder has a clearly stated step by step build process. It is important that you are kept informed of the progress every step of the way and that you are treated with courtesy and respect right from the start.

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