No doubt there is many different reasons for choosing a modular or kit home, but what really is the difference and which would be the best option for you?

What is a modular home?

Modular homes contain all the same aspects as any home. Their true differences lie within their construction method. Unlike ordinary homes, modular homes are built off-site in a factory. Due to this building technique, modular homes are cheaper than traditional built homes as they don’t incur additional cost such as labour, insurance and equipment transportation to an on-site built home. Factory built homes are also more sustainable as their materials are bought in bulk and what materials are left over can be re-used, reducing waste.

What is a kit home?

Kit homes, like modular homes, are pre-built in a factory, however; the home itself is not constructed as a whole. The components of the home are cut, constructed and packed to then be constructed into a home by either yourself or a hired builder. Though this method makes the home cheaper to buy, you are not buying a completed home but instead the pieces that require construction into the home. You could think of it a bit like a flat packed piece of furniture. Searching through a store and find a flat packed item you like with what it would look like completed on the package. Taking the package home, you would then put it together; this is very similar to how a kit home works.

Building & Council Approvals

Many kit homes Qld companies have “Council Approval Guarantees” which ensure that if you take your home plans to your local council for approval and if it is denied, you receive special terms to compensate such as a refund. It is up to the buyer or their builders to ensure their kit home is built to the plan specifications and built by professional, qualified builders.

Modular homes as they are built from start to finish entirely in the hands of the professional, qualified builders themselves, they often take care of the council approvals for you. This can save you a lot of time and effort over whole building process, thus all you need to do is pick up the keys and move in.

Quality & Durability

Kit homes Qld components are built with durable, quality, treated materials, thus; when built properly, your home is strong, durable and able to withstand the elements.

Modular homes like kit homes are also built with durable, quality, treated materials, however; as they are designed to be transported they are built to a higher strength standard, so you know your home will be strong, reliable and durable for all conditions.



Kit home construction is entirely up to that of the buyer, whether you would like to build it yourself over a few months or hire someone to come out and build it on-site for you is totally up to you.

Modular homes, as they are built in a factory, are built by the company’s home builders themselves. This method can take approximately anywhere from 10 weeks to construct and isn’t impacted by weather conditions as equipment and resources are already bought in and protected by the factory.



Modular homes are built as a complete home, thus all plumbing, painting and fittings are all included for you. Here at Hoek Modular Homes, we also include your choice of kitchen and laundry appliances as well. These inclusions, however; are not included in kit homes.