Modular Home Vs. Flat Pack Or Kit Homes

We are often asked if we build flat pack homes. Also if we sell kit homes.

What are the costs?

While the initial price you see for a flat pack house or kit home can grab your attention, there are a number of costs which are not generally included in the first price you see.

A modular home is built in a factory like ours at Lawnton, then transported in portions and assembled on your property.

What are the inclusions?

Included in the modular home price are the assembly, painting, plumbing and fittings. You can choose your kitchen and laundry appliances as well.

These are NOT included when you buy a flat-pack home. And when you add these costs to the initial price, then the price of buying a modular home is comparable.

Standard List of Inclusions

Compare the quality

A good reason to buy a modular home is the quality. Modular homes are built to higher strength standards than an average home in the suburbs.

The reason modular homes are stronger is that they have to be transported on the back of a truck travelling at 100km per hour and sometimes over rough terrain and must arrive in the same condition that they left the factory.

Enquire now to compare prices and see the inclusions of our modular homes.

Modular Home Vs Flat Pack Home Builder

Are you looking to build your dream home?

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