Owning your own home is one of the most rewarding accomplishments in one’s life. Moving in and knowing that this is something you have dreamed about for so long and now that moment has finally arrived.

Not everyone has the same taste in houses, some like big and luxurious ones, quaint simple ones, low set or several storeys. Homes are forever changing in style to suit everyone’s taste, thus comes about the “Designer Modular Home”.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, modular homes first began being built in the late 1950’s. Their design, however, were not as elaborate as they are today, described as being, “simple rectangular, two or four-module structures” (NAHB, 2016). With such advanced technology, modular homes can now be constructed into all shapes and sizes, making them a huge competitor to traditional on-site built homes.

Modular homes are pre-built at a factory in segments and then assembled together on site. This method of building homes is not only faster but also more affordable than on-site built homes.

Designer Modular Homes

We all like to showcase, the things that we are proud of and important to us. Designer Modular Homes refer to the new age of modular homes. They often offer the opportunity for you to custom design your modular homes to exactly how you want it. Here at Hoek Modular Homes, for example, we offer a variety of modern modular home designs with a range of custom optional extras to choose from. This differs greatly from previous styles, which clung, to a standard style and inclusions.


Now, modular homes are built to suit any style and need. They can be small and simple, glorious and large or somewhere in between. Their inclusions and extra custom modifications include various roof and façade designs, window styles, exterior cladding, flooring, window covers and so much more. In this new era of modular homes, anything is possible.

With over 50 modular, granny flat and cabin home designs, Hoek Modular Homes is one of Australia’s leading modular homebuilders. To find out more about our modular homes contact us today on (07) 3889 7385.


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