Australia is a wonderful country full of diversity, plenty of wide open spaces and opportunity. It is home to all kind of habitats, climates and weather patterns from lush cool rainforest and mountain ranges to sandy, warm beaches and scorching deserts. It is no wonder so many people love calling Australia their home and why more and more Australians are choosing prefabricated modular homes to do so.

Soil Diversity

Like basically all countries, Australia is home to a diverse range of soil types. Some are made up of clay, sand, loam, silt or a mixture. Different soil types require different levels of care and preparation when it comes to building a home onto of them. Ground and soil types subjected to movement will require deeper supports  and more foundation work than those on more stable soil types. Prior building a prefabricated modular home in Australia it is important to have a soil test conducted. Here at Hoek Modular Homes we organise this for you.


Spoilt For Locations To Call Home

On a hillside, mountaintop, golden beach front, beside a lush rainforest or on wide open farmland, prefabricated modular homes can go anywhere.

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Constructed in strong modular sections, they can be transported anywhere and put together onsite. If truck access to the property is difficult, modular homes can also be built onsite, so no matter where you dream to live, prefabricated modular homes could be an easy and affordable option for you.


Built To Last & Withstand Climate & Weather

Due to their requirement to withstand transportation, prefabricated modular homes are built to last and withstand the elements. Here at Hoek Modular Homes, all our homes are constructed with a solid, strong steel subframe and treated termite resistant materials. They have a cyclone rating of N3 and are built with 6 star energy efficient insulation, so you can rest assured that your prefabricated modular home will be able to withstand all Australia has to throw at it.


Affordable & Sustainable Housing Opportunity

Prefabricated modular homes as they are generally built in a factory, eliminate the need for additional costs required for homes built on-site. At Hoek Modular Homes, our homes are constructed of compressed sustainable forest product and recycled materials making them more environmentally friendly. Due to the fact that prefabrication home building companies can buy their materials in bulk and materials that aren’t used or are left over can also be re-used for another home, can reduce costs making them more affordable for you.


Diverse Use Opportunities

In Australia, prefabricated modular homes can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’d like to subdivide, rent out a home as an investment property or simply build your dream home, prefabricated modular homes have a lot to offer you and your family.

Contact your local council to discover how a prefabricated modular home could work for you.


The Power Of The Sun

Australia’s abundance of sunshine make it perfect to save yourself money by utilising the power of the sun. Not only is the sun a sustainable resource for electricity and hot water it is also a great source of light that can be used to brighten your home. Solar panels, solar hot water systems, sunroofs and large windows are great ways to naturally warm, power and brighten your prefabricated modular home. Being naturally occurring and sustainable, utilising the sun will reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and can save you hundreds.


Fresh Water Access

Our fresh air filled skies, with low pollution, make Australia a place with an abundance of fresh rainwater along its coastal regions. Rainwater tanks and underground bore water pumps provide thousands of Australians with mineral rich water for drinking and general household use. Ask your home builder about installing rainwater tanks and pumps today to make the most of Australia’s source of fresh rainwater for your new home.


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