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Sustainability and Technology in Modular Homes

With amazing developments in technology, building a new home is a great chance to try out all these systems and products that can make our lives easier. Modern modular homes can offer you the same opportunities to install technology as traditional houses. Read more about your options for installing modern technology in your new modular home right here. Sustainable Choices for the Future In recent decades, homeowners have been looking to reduce their environmental [...]

Designing a Custom Home for Future Generations

If you’ve made the decision to build a home, it’s a good idea to consider your future needs as well as your current situation. If you plan to grow your family, you need a home designed for more than just two! Prebuilt modular homes can provide the perfect balance of flexibility and affordability for those in search of a custom family home that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Build for Your Growing Family Family life loves to come up [...]

Understanding the Way Your Block Faces

In our harsh Queensland climate, it’s important to understanding which direction your house faces. No one wants to feel overheated and uncomfortable in their own home! By strategically positioning your home, you can maximise comfort and efficiency all year round.  Which Way Should My Home Face Real estate agents love to talk about house orientation! But what is the best option for family living in Queensland The most popular choice is a north-facing home. [...]

Choose a Modular Home for Your Beach House

With stunning views, cool breezes and endless opportunities for fun by the water, a beach house is the perfect escape. Custom modular homes make the perfect choice for those seeking coastal luxury without the price tag. Find the Perfect Balance of Indoor and Outdoor Living When you’re by the coast, it’s likely you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Modern modular homes can provide a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living. [...]

How Modular Homes Have Changed Over the Years

While modular houses may seem like a modern concept, prefabricated homes have actually been around for decades. For years, modular homes have provided an affordable option for families who don’t want to sacrifice quality. New technology and processes mean that modular homes are built to incredibly high-quality standards, and can stand up to traditional homes in terms of security and resilience. Early Days of Modular Homes In the early days of prefabricated modular housing, houses [...]

A Guide to Choosing Land for Your Modular Home

You’ve found a custom modular home design that you like, and now it’s time to consider where you will build it. In this article, we create a guide for choosing land for your modular home, including what questions to ask and how to choose a neighbourhood. Surface Shape of the Land One of the first things to consider when viewing land is the surface shape of it. Is it sloping, flat or on a hill? [...]

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