Popular Suburbs To Buy a Home In Brisbane

So you’re in the market for a new home in Brisbane, or maybe you’re just thinking about what the market might look like right now. Being one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, thousands are rushing to secure their permanent home for the foreseeable future. With rising interest comes rising prices, meaning the sooner you sign a deal, the better. Whether you’re looking for granny flats or luxury homes, there are plenty of options [...]

The 6 Step Checklist To Getting A Home Loan

Home loans are one of the harder loans to obtain, so how do you make sure you get your application approved? Home loans are approved based on a variety of variables, and knowing what these are will definitely put you at an advantage. Here are six things you need to take note of when processing your home loan application: 1. Have Some Savings The lenders’ interest boils down to one thing: [...]

6 Important Facts About Modular Homes

Ever Wonder What Makes Modular Homes Different From Other Homes? Aside from the fact that they are typically built off-site, there are other facts about modular homes that make this type of residence unique from others. Want to learn more? Here are the top 6 facts you should learn about modular homes: 1) Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes Are Different  Most people think that modular homes and manufactured homes are one [...]

4 Reasons Why First Time Home Owners Choose Granny Flats

Granny flats have a unique aesthetic appeal. But that’s not the main reason why first time home owners are opting for granny flats instead of traditional real estate. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly expensive and crowded, and granny flats are the sweet spot between affordable and space-saving. Not sure why granny flats are as popular as they are? Here are the four reasons why granny flats are [...]

11 Awesome Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly

Mortgage Payments Are The Bane Of Every Homeowner Despite the many horror stories regarding mortgages, foreclosures, and multiple loan clauses, there are still simple but smart ways to deal with mortgage payments. Listed below are 11 things you can do to consistently pay off your mortgage and hopefully pay it in full as soon as possible: Below are the 10 best granny flat plans we have to offer: 1-Bedroom Granny Flat [...]

10 Awesome 1 to 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Plans

Granny flats are all about customisation. Don’t let the space fool you: there’s so much you can fit, build, and design inside your bespoke home. However, it’s not always that customers want something completely unique. Maybe the idea of customizing their living space seems like a daunting task, or they just don’t feel the need to do it at all. This is why we designed a bunch of granny flat plans to help homeowners [...]

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