Why The National Shift To Prefabricated Housing?

If you are looking to buy a new home and are wondering just how people are able to afford to buy a new home and have it built so fast in this day and age, when the demand and costs are so high? Chances are you may not have heard about prefabricated housing. Recent studies have discovered a national surge in favour of prefabricated homes, here’s why.

Prefabricated homes are houses that are built off-site then are transported to the home’s location. For large prefabricated homes, they are often transported in sections that are quickly and easily then joined on-site. This method of construction allows homes to be built more cost effectively as well as cutting construction time due to less delays, often due to weather, that often occurs when building homes on-site.

Prefabricated Home Features

Prefabricated homes generally have the same features as regular homes built on-site, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to have that entertaining, kitchen or bathroom you wanted. There are a wide range of available building materials, interior fixtures and homes styles for you to choose from and custom design. The only thing you have to bear in mind, when choosing a prefabricated home, is the location and/or land requirements, such as a your home requiring stilts or land levelling.

Construction Period

Due to the fact that prefab homes are generally built off-site, construction periods are noticeably shorter. Off-site built homes are protected from the weather and thus aren’t delayed. Building equipment and materials are also more readily available and easily delivered to the construction site. This is also important especially if a home location is remote, thus equipment and materials would need to be transported a greater distance delaying construction. Construction times can be as little as 8-10 weeks depending on the style of home that is being built, whereas on-site built homes often take a lot longer.

Prefabricated Housing Construction

Kind To The Environment

In an age where our environmental impact is so high, we need to look at a means of lowering the damage inflicted on the earth’s natural resources. Prefabricated homes answer that need with the regular use of recycled and re-usable materials. Due to the fact that prefabricated homes are generally built in a factory, it is a lot easier to reuse unused materials, producing less waste.

Cheaper For You

Homes, built in a factory, eliminate the need for additional costs required for homes built on-site. This includes aspects such as material transportation costs, daily commute costs for workers, insurance costs, additional equipment and equipment transportation costs. Materials are also cheaper due to the fact that prefabrication or modular home builder companies can buy their materials in bulk. What materials aren’t used or are left over can also be re-used for another home.

Prefabricated Housing Interior

Prefabricated and modular homes, in Brisbane and throughout Australia, have advanced at an astonishing rate over the past few decades. From cramped standard designed cabins to stylish, spacious homes. It isn’t surprising that more and more Australians are looking at alternative options for their next home to save them money whilst still maintaining their original dream.


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