You hear it everywhere, especially on Pinterest and blog sites, where people are ditching the luxuries of large homes and opting for small cabins and homes, but why? A look into the ideology of why small homes have become such a massive trend in Australia and around the world.

We live in an age where technology is all around us, our lives busy and often stressful, working at least 9am to 5pm, five days a week. Some of us are balancing a career, children, a business or all three. We often surround ourselves with things that make us happy to try and counter-balance all the stress, however; more often than not, we are so busy that these things become an added stress to our day. Everything becomes so hectic and “stuff” just piles up until the point where you may think to yourself, “why can life be just a little bit simpler?”  This is where many people around the world have made the change, a change to a simpler life starting with a simpler home.


Features Of A Small Home

Small homes feature an innovative design, which still gives you the full functionality of a large home, minus the excessive use of space. Clever placement and multifunction furniture and appliances reduce the need for multiple items to do singular jobs, instead, having one appliance that performs multiple tasks. Every space is utilised to its full potential producing a simple home with all necessary elements included. Small house styles include granny flats, small prefabricated homes, cabins and even small modular homes.


What Could A Simple Home Do For You?

If you enjoy travelling, gardening or simply don’t spend a great deal of your week at home, the simplicity of a small house enables you to have more time to do the things you enjoy. Moving into a simple home enables you to discover where you can cut back, simplifying the items you own. Every item will have a place, making it easier to keep tidy. It is also known that a clean and simple home also enhances happiness and mental clarity. A lot of clutter in a home can often leave you feeling stressed and restricted. Smaller homes are also a lot easier to heat and keep cool in different seasons and climates, often meaning you will also use less power when using air conditioning or heating/cooling appliances.

Affordability & Location

Small homes are generally prefabricated, reducing the cost and construction time period, enabling you to affordably move into your new home a lot faster than regular homes. They are particularly favoured for holiday homes, couples, retirees and first homebuyers who have purchased land and want an affordable home in that location. Due to their size, small homes require less pre-construction, such as levelling, tree removal, etc. This enables them to be placed on nearly any terrain with ease, whether it’s on a mountaintop, nestled in a forest or even on water.


With all the stress in our lives and considering the benefits of a small home, it isn’t surprising that many people are looking to simplify when buying their next home. Creating a retreat-like atmosphere within your home allows you to know that no matter how stressful your working day was, you can always come home and know there is a place where you can relax and recover.


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