Building A Granny Flat In Brisbane

Granny flats are known to be flexible in terms of cost and build. In fact, these two things are the main reason why people get into granny flat living. While the entire planning and building process is fluid and fully customizable, there are some city ordinances to consider especially when it’s your first time having another property built.

When buying granny flats Brisbane homeowners would find convenient, it’s important to look beyond design and consider if the granny flat is following legal recommendations in order to avoid future complication. Here are the things you should look out for when building a granny flat in Brisbane:

  1. A Separate Building

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

In order to save money, some people think that converting a floor on their multi-story house into a granny flat is a good idea. Is it a pretty efficient idea? Probably. Is it entirely legal? Definitely not.

A ground rule for granny flats is that they have to be in a separate building in order to be considered a sufficient secondary dwelling. While it’s easy to say that an entire floor is pleasant enough to comfortably host another family, it’s against Brisbane’s house code to lease a granny flat that is under a house, unless the occupant comes from a single household.

This means that two or more different families can’t live under the same roof at any time. So if you were to build a two-story granny flat, it would be illegal to rent the entire property to two or more different households but would be perfectly fine if it was leased to a single household.

So if a realtor tells you about a cheap granny flat under someone else’s roof, know that this isn’t legally possible and you’re better off looking someplace else.

  1. Separate Accessway, Door, And Parking Area

Brisbane Granny Flat Building Driveway

The house codes are around not to limit creativity in building these houses, but to promote safe spaces and privacy for everyone. Ultimately, the goal of these parameters is to uphold quality living for everyone, even those living in secondary spaces such as granny flats.

Especially when a granny flat is being leased to a different household, it’s crucial that they have access to their own driveway, apart from the one dedicated to the main house. Additionally, a separate car park may also be required.

A separate accessway and a clear and distinct entryway are also mandatory as it sets clear borders around the granny flat. As a secondary home built within 20 meters of another house, this parameter creates a better sense of security for both residences and allows their dwellers to create clear boundaries for each other.

  1. One Built On A Residential Lot

Brisbane Granny Flat Builders Multi-Build

The granny flat trend started as an alternative dwelling space for the elderly. People used to build separate spaces for members of their family on their extra plot of land, where these family members were secluded enough to have their own private space and accessible enough in case of an emergency.

When you understand the history of granny flats, it makes sense that one of the golden rules for building is that the granny flat has to be placed on a residential plot. Fundamentally, granny flats are separate housing units built on the same land of the first house. These can only be built on residential zones and each block is limited to one granny flat. These properties can’t be built on subdivided, strata, or community title properties.

So when a builder recommends you to build on this cheap lot with easy downtown access, consider the fact that he may be recommending a commercial space and not one that is suitable for living.

  1. Dual Occupancy Contract

Brisbane Granny Flat Building Renting Couple

Why Choose Hoek Modular Homes

Dealing with city ordinances and similar paperwork can be a hassle, mind-numbing experience. To minimize mistakes and get the best out of your contract, it’s ideal to hire a company that takes care of all the paperwork for you so you don’t have to worry about missing crucial details.

Hoek Modular Homes is dedicated to building granny flats Brisbane homeowners will love. As part of our standard inclusions, we take care of council fees and make sure that where you are building on a legal residential lot.

Want to know if your land is eligible for a granny flat? Schedule a viewing today.

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