Top 5 Brisbane Granny Flats Under $150’000

When it comes to cutting residential costs and finding permanent living solutions, granny flats are among the top choices for alternative real estate. It’s easy to see why: a full build can cost anywhere from $150,000 – $200,000, which is a much cheaper range compared to traditional housing.

On the other hand, there are some builds that can feature the same bells and whistles of a regular home in under $150,000. Don’t believe us? Below are the top 5 Brisbane granny flats that won’t break the bank:

Delaware 65 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The Delaware 65 starts at $134,060 and can be further customized for additional expenses; not that the base design isn’t good in itself. The pre-modeled version gives you 74 sqm worth of total space, with the living space capped at 65 sqm. At the given budget, you already get so much for a granny flat, including a patio.

This model opens to a beautiful dining space that is directly in front of a kitchen. This leaves the living area with a lot of room for recreation and secluded entertainment. A bath and separate toilet stands between the common area and the first bedroom. Both bedrooms are on the same ends of the house, making it accessible for the elderly and families with young children.

The starting model already features many modern inclusions but can be further upgraded to your liking.

Cleo 55 Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The Cleo 55 stands a little above a hundred grand at $108,554. The standard space measures up to 61 sqm and a total livable area of 55 sqm. A 6 sqm patio is already inclusive of the standard model.

The layout promotes a very cosy feel. With the bedrooms at opposite ends of the house, residents get the sense of privacy while living in close proximity to each other. The floorplan of this Brisbane granny flat gives way to the fully-functional kitchen, allowing more than 3 people to simultaneously work in this area.

The living room and the dining room can be merged to save space, forming one bigger area for meals and recreation. The starting model features many windows that promote a natural ambience around the home.

Aspen 70 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

With just $130,768 you can purchase one of the more luxurious Brisbane granny flats on the market. The space is a whopping 78.2 sqm with 69 sqm of livable space. It features a 9.2 sqm deck that is perfect for bonding with friends and family.

The floor plan features a very expansive layout that separates the living quarters from the sleeping areas. The living room and dining room give way to a spacious kitchen. Like the Cleo 55, the two bedrooms are placed on opposite corners of the house. Between the space is a separate toilet and bath, as well as a laundry and utility room.

Given the sheer amount of space in this granny flat, the Aspen 70 has the potential to be transformed into anything. It’s perfect for families as well as individuals who can easily turn the other bedroom into a home office or hobby space.

Huntington 55 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The Huntington 55 stands at $119,496 and offers the full living potential for its residents. Its total area of 55 sqm can be maximised so dwellers can occupy the entire total area as a living space.

The kitchen, dining room, and living room dynamic provides ample space for each of these separate quarters. Like the other two designs, the Huntington 55 makes use of a separate bedroom placement. This effect maximizes the common living areas and creates an airy feel.

The bathroom is situated at one corner of the house and is spacious enough to hold a laundry or utility area. At $119,496, this Brisbane granny flat is perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and like moving throughout their home during the day.

Chinderah 60 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The standard Chinderah 60 model starts at $120,374 and can further be customized for additional costs. The pre-made design is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit with 59.5 sqm of total living area. It features a unique covered porch which can also serve as the main entrance.

The main door opens up to the dining area. This space features an open plan layout for the kitchen and the dining area. A separate hallway leads to the two bedrooms placed beside each other. Opposite this area is a private utility room and bathroom area.

The Chinderah 60 is perfect for couples and families with young children. With some adjustments, the elderly and people who have trouble with mobility can also benefit from this home’s open layout.

Choosing The Right One For You

Brisbane granny flats are on the rise specifically because they are the modern-day solution to rising costs in real estate. Its growing popularity doesn’t make it any less affordable to prospective homeowners. As long as you set your budget and identify details that are important to you on the get-go, you and your contractor can create a plan that is most cost-effective and functional.  

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