Everyone wants something a little different when it comes to custom designing a home, and why not? That is why Hoek Modular Homes offer a range of custom design modular, granny flat and cabin homes, throughout Queensland, to suit your personal preferences.

Facades Or Roof Designs

Facades refer to the external design structure that determines the front of a building, more generally, the roof design. Here at Hoek Modular Homes we offer facade designs such as the Standard Gable, Dutch Gable, Split Pitch or Saw Tooth and Hip Roof. When deciding on a roof style it is important to consider your situation and resources. If you are considering solar panels, or want plenty of natural light in your home, then an excellent roof design for this is the Split Pitch or Sawtooth. These roof styles generally contain northern facing windows or slopes, within the roof, allowing in plenty of light and air circulation. The north-facing direction also allows for your solar panels to have direct sunlight throughout the day, no matter where the sun is. If the location that you want to build is reliant on rainwater, then a more appropriate roof design would be the Standard Gable, Dutch Gable or Hip Roof style as the direct slope, angles run-off straight into the side gutters and into a tank.

Standard Gable


Dutch Gable


Split Pitch Or Sawtooth


Hip Roof


Decks & Patios

Often there is a bit of confusion over the differences between external entertaining area options, there are so many! Decks, however, are generally outdoor, raised wooden platforms that can various shaped with more than one level. Patios refer to ground level, concrete or paved areas for entertaining. When considering your desired outdoor entertaining area a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Is your home raised or ground level? Is your home built next to a slope? If so a deck is recommended to minimise flooding of you patio during heavy downpours.
  • Do you have a lovely view that you want to utilise? Perhaps a raised deck might help put you in a better position to make the most of this view.
  • Do you have young children? A patio might be safer for them to play in.
  • Would you be willing to condition a wood deck to keep it in ideal condition? Perhaps a concrete or paved patio might be easier to maintain.





Exterior Cladding

There is plenty of variety when it comes to the outside appearance of your home, not just the materials used but how they are used. At Hoek Modular Homes our standard built homes are constructed with Weathertex hardwood timber cladding however, we offer alternative options such as vinyl, feature ply and rendered cladding to really make your new home your own.



Vinyl is a cost-effective and long-lasting exterior cladding. Each panel is filled with a strong foam core, which the panels themselves then interlock creating a layered appearance. This home exterior cladding is great when it comes to being termite resistant, weather resistant and helping to insulate your home.


Feature Ply

If you want to enhance a particular section of your home, a feature ply finish adds a natural, decorative appeal to enhance the style of your home.



Rendered cladding is another durable alternative, giving your home a modern look. Layered on top of the foundations, the cladding is hardy and weather resistant, requiring little, if any, maintenance.

Ovens & Stove Tops

Gas or electric, the option is yours! When it comes to choosing your kitchen utilities, it really does come down to personal preference. Our homes come with the option of a 4 burner ceramic hotplate or gas cooktop. It’s just up to you on which one you prefer.



Some homeowners like the convenience of a full-sized mirror on wardrobe doors, others may prefer to dress in a bathroom. Hoek Modular Homes, house designs come with standard built-in vinyl sliding door wardrobes, however; we also offer the extra luxury of having mirrored sliding doors installed. Mirrored wardrobes not only provide you with the luxury of having a means of determining your outfit right next to your wardrobe but also enhances the appearance of the room. Mirrors actually help make the room look bigger!



Flooring can make all the difference to the overall appearance of a home. In winter some might prefer to not have to worry about having to wear socks to stop their feet from getting cold on tile or vinyl floors, whilst others may prefer to wear shoes inside, thus vinyl is easier to clean. When deciding on your choice of flooring, consider you and your family’s habits.

  • Do you have young children? Carpet floors are ideal for softening a fall during those early learning days.
  • Do you allow pets indoors? Vinyl and tile floors are excellent for pets as they make it easy to keep the floor clean.
  • Do you like to sit or work on the floor? Sometimes vinyl and other solid flooring types can be hard on the limbs when working on the floor, therefore carpet is often more desirable for this type of work.

At Hoek Modular Homes we offer flooring options such as:









There are so many flooring colours, styles and textures, you can have a lot of fun styling, the hardest part will be deciding on which one to pick!


Security Screens

No matter where you live, or how much you own, it is always important to protect your home, family and the things that are precious to you. Security screens on doors come standard with all our homes, however, for extra protection on windows, we offer the choice of Diamond Mesh and Invisiguard.

Diamond Mesh




Disability-friendly Home Modifications

Do you or a family member struggle with a disability or impairment? If you require disability-friendly home modification such as handrails and ramps, talk to our team today about how we can help you.

Exterior Taps

Do you love gardening? Perhaps you want to wash your car in a particular spot. It’s a good idea to consider your outdoor habits that may require using water and therefore needing additional hose taps.

Fresh Water Access

Our fresh air filled skies, with low pollution, make Australia a place with an abundance of fresh rainwater along its coastal regions. Rainwater tanks and underground bore water pumps provide thousands of Australians with mineral rich water for drinking and general household use. Ask your home builder about installing rainwater tanks and pumps today to make the most of Australia’s source of fresh rainwater for your new home.



Window coverings, like flooring, can be hard to decide upon. Curtains are a money-saving and easy method of regulating light, temperature and privacy within your home, however; if curtains aren’t your thing, we offer a range of blinds for you to choose from.

Our blind range includes:

Vertical Blinds


Roman Blinds


Panel Blinds


Holland Blinds


Venetian Blinds


External Window Hoods

The external appearance of a home really does matter; it is the first thing you see when you arrive and the last when you leave. To enhance your home exterior appearance you can add alternative window styles and hoods. Some of these external window styles include:



Colonial style window hoods are excellent for sheltering windows from the rain and harsh afternoon sun if you don’t want to have to close the window, curtains or blinds. This style can also help you create a vintage or cottage-like theme for your home.



Contemporary window styles have a more modern appearance. They are excellent for areas of the home that you want to allow extra natural light in, as their simple design doesn’t block out any sunlight.

Deciding on extras and fixture designs is quite possibly the most enjoyable aspect of building a new home. Search online and in magazines for all the latest advice, inspiration and style tips to help you get the style you love.

For more information or to answer any questions you may have, feel free to contact us at Hoek Modular Homes on (07) 3889 7385.