Hoek Modular Homes: Sloping Block Homes

Perhaps you are looking to add a secondary dwelling or simply love a block of land but the land is not quite level, thus; you are wondering if it is possible to put a house there without the trouble of levelling. Stress not, modular and prefabricated homes might be the answer for you.

Sloping blocks are often cheaper than your average flat level block of land, however; they also open up the opportunity to get creative with the home design. Balustraded and/or stilted balconies and decks can open up wonderful views and entertaining areas. Split level garage/carport from the dwelling can add an interesting touch.


What Things Do I Need To Consider?

When looking to build a prefabricated modular, cabin or granny flat home on a sloping block you need to consider a few things.

Placement & Solar Panels

Do you want a northern, southern, eastern or western facing home?

If you would love to go a little more environmentally friendly and save money on your electricity bill, then solar panels are an excellent idea. When planning a home, that you know will eventually have solar panels, it is crucial to consider which way the home faces to get the most direct sun exposure as possible throughout the day. Talk to your local solar specialist to get the best advice for you.


If you home backs onto a hill, how will the water escape down the hill and around your home? You definitely don’t want water going through your home. Often is a good idea to have a raised home for lots that back onto a hill. This method of home building enables storm water to run underneath and around your home during heavy downpours.

Decks, Carports, Patios & Maximising Views

Consider what direction you would love your deck and windows to face to make the most of the view. Do you want a deck, a patio, verandah, carport, etc? Really plan out whether you prefer to perhaps sit on your deck sipping your cup of coffee/tea of a morning or afternoon, requiring an either eastern or western facing deck. Would you double your carport as an entertaining area or would you consider installing a swimming pool later on down the track and thus would need an entertaining area closer to the pool?


Budget & Materials

Whilst sloping blocks of land are often cheaper to purchase, the cost of building your home on these sites can incur additional costs such as those for stilts, balustrades and large crane hire. Consider materials carefully, concrete slab options could present a cheaper alternative to costly stone and timber bases.

Prefabricated, Modular, Cabin & Granny Flat Homes

Prefabricated homes such as modular homes, cabins and granny flat homes, due to the nature of construction, (being built at a factory) enable your home to be easily transported to most locations, as long as truck access is permittable. Their solid construction, designed to be moved, makes them perfect sloping block homes, easily raised and durable for all weather conditions.


Prefabricated sloping block homes as a bonus are cheaper than traditional on-site built homes, allowing you to spend on other areas such as additional decks and outdoor entertaining areas.

Talk to our prefabricated modular, cabin and granny flat home specialists today to find out how you can build your dream sloping block home. Hoek Modular Homes offer a wide range of quality affordable transportable, slab on the ground and on-site built homes. Contact us today to find out more! Call (07) 3889 7385.