Brisbane’s Best Granny Flat Designs Of 2017

No granny flat is built the same way, and this is why they’re so great. These homes are almost limitless when it comes to customization, allowing different kinds of residents to reflect their personalities and lifestyles into their unique home.

On the other hand, less adventurous spirits can still enjoy pre-made designs that are unique in their own way. Companies like ours offer hundreds of standard designs fit for any dweller. These five Brisbane granny flats are the top choices for anyone who enjoys objectively good and functional designs:

Moreton 55

Moreton 55 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home

Think of the Moreton 55 as your typical granny flat: minimalistic and incredibly straightforward. The exterior is made up of high-quality wood panelling, coupled with ample patio space measuring 9 sqm.

The entire house measures 64 sqm, with about 55 sqm designed for living. The Moreton 55 is an incredibly popular 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom design specifically because of its timeless charm.

The Moreton 55 is perfect for fans of open layout designs. This home opens to a fully-functional kitchen intersecting with the dining area and the living room. The bedrooms are located on opposite side of each other, ensuring privacy between dwellers. The bathroom can also double as a laundry or utility room.

Given its accessible features, this home is perfect for teenagers, the elderly, and other people who would benefit from a spacious floor plan.

Delaware 65 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home

This standard design is also a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom model, but with a larger total area. Measuring 74 sqm in total with a 65 sqm livable space, the Delaware 65 is a great option for people who enjoy the essentials, who also enjoy additional space.

The patio is still at 9 sqm, but the house now opens to the dining room instead of the living room. While the living room, dining room, and kitchen still intersect, the layout allows ample space among the three rooms. In between the living room and the bathroom are the bath and laundry area. The bathroom features a separate toilet area that is perfect for guests and even residents.

As opposed to the Moreton 55, both bedrooms face one side of the house and are next to each other. This layout makes it perfect for families with small children and elderly.

Cleo 55

Cleo 55 Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The Cleo 55 is another one of the more popular Brisbane granny flats. The total area measures 61 sqm, with the livable space at 55 sqm. The 6 sqm patio is perfect for solitary moments alone or intimate ones with a few relatives.

The patio opens to an intersection of the living room and the dining room, leaving a lot of space for the fully-functional kitchen. This layout is perfect for individuals who prioritize cooking tasks more than anything. The two bedrooms are situated at either end of the home, leaving the residents with maximum privacy. A joined bath and toilet are located at the bottom of one of the bedrooms and has more than enough space for a laundry.

A unique feature of this home is its beautiful window work. Space is optimised to allow as much natural light as possible. The Cleo 55 is a naturally ambient granny flat that is perfect for young adults and teenagers. It is also ideal for individuals who want to rent out a place together.

Aspen 70 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

The Aspen 70 is one of the more luxurious granny flat layouts available. With a total area of 78.2 sqm, with a livable space of 69 sqm, this space is perfect for small to medium-sized families.

The layout is akin to a traditional home as the patio opens directly to a spacey living area. At the farther end of the room are the kitchen and the dining area. This modern layout promotes space among the different sections of the home which make the entire section expansive.

Just like the Cleo 55, the bedrooms are situated at either end of the house, but with the bathroom and separate toilet placed in between. This layout separates the living area from the sleeping quarters, making it a perfect residence for individuals who require separate spaces.

Huntington 55 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Home Brisbane

If you’re someone who prioritizes total living space, then the Huntington 55 is for you. This home measures 55 sqm of living area, with an optional patio.

Space is maximized by arranging the dining area adjacent to the kitchen. These two spaces intersect with the living room while leaving ample leg room for movement. The bedrooms are placed on either side of the house, with the bathroom closer to one of the bedrooms.

Given its airy layout, this model is more suitable for teenagers and young adults who have no problem crossing the spaces to get to their destination.

Choosing The One For You

There are tons of options when it comes to Brisbane granny flats. You can choose other 1-bedroom units or look for 2 bedroom spaces to accommodate more family and friends. When choosing your own granny flat, make sure that the design reflects your lifestyle and necessities to make the most of your investment.

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