Home loans are one of the harder loans to obtain, so how do you make sure you get your application approved?

Home loans are approved based on a variety of variables, and knowing what these are will definitely put you at an advantage. Here are six things you need to take note of when processing your home loan application:

1. Have Some Savings

The lenders’ interest boils down to one thing: they want to make sure you’re capable of paying the money you borrow. One of the easiest ways for them to determine this is by checking out your savings history. They see your savings as another way to get the money back, and allows them to see how responsible you are financially.

Having a larger deposit can also help avoid fees like Lenders Mortgage Insurance. What’s more, an outstanding savings history can lead you to better interest rates.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

2. Don’t Make Unnecessary Financial Commitments

This alone is a two-step process. Firstly, cut down on your current debts by paying them off before applying for home loans. Outstanding debt, whether in credit or personal, should be settled as to ease the stress of having to pay a mortgage.

Secondly, use only the credit cards that you need. Discontinue those that are no longer in use. Lenders will look into your credit history and more cards can signal less available cash to meet repayments. Moreover, you can also reduce the limit on the credit cards you use, which can help get a better deal with the lenders.

3. Try To Have A Stable Employment History

How else are you going to pay your mortgage if you don’t have a job? Aside from your credit history, you can count on lenders to take interest in your employment history. Lenders want to know that you’re in a stable position; or at least, stable enough that you won’t have problems meeting repayments.

Holding the same position for even 2 years is a good indication for lenders. Before making an application, prepare all the documents regarding your employment. Or come up with ways to defend gaps in your employment, if any. Other proof of stability that can be used to your merit should also be prepared.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

4. Have A Guarantor Just In Case

Sometimes lenders just want a safety net, and the easiest answer to this is finding a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who legally supports your loan application by securing it against their own assets, which is typically a home.

Various people can qualify as a guarantor. Keep in mind that lenders will prefer to have guarantors who are close to you such as family members. Other possible sponsors include your employer. Just make sure to provide the proper documentation for this.

5. Provide Repayment Capabilities

What better way to convince lenders than to show how much of a responsible borrower you are? Proof of consistent repayments is the ultimate way to win a lender’s heart. Repayment histories have more leverage if they have already been completed in full.

There are other ways to convince lenders. They are likely to look into outstanding debt, living expenses, and your income. All of these factors will be used to evaluate whether or not you are a good lending candidate.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

6. Apply To The Right One

Although it’s wise to compare several lenders and expand your choices, it’s unwise to submit applications to each and every one of them. Too many people make the mistake of thinking applications have no impact on their credit report. In reality, every application you make appears as an inquiry, which can have a poor and inaccurate reflection of your financial status.

Before roping in a particular lender, make sure you have discussed the various benefits and responsibilities with each institution. Only file an application when you’re ready to get started.

7. Don’t Forget Your Credit Rating

Lenders don’t care if you’re tidy or compassionate or hard-working. The one thing they’ll be looking at is your ability to make repayments, which is more or less summarised by your credit report.

Before applying for home loans, check your credit report so to prepare yourself for the lender’s inquiries. It’s important to make sure that all information is accurate to keep your reputation good with the lenders.

Diligent repayments are music to any lender’s ear. On the other hand, consistently missed payments can be detrimental to your application. Knowing where you’re at with your credit rating allows you to prepare for what the lenders might bring your way, giving you more than enough opportunity to find ways to secure that home loan.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Home Loan Approved & Ready To Start Your Home Building Journey?

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