The Standard Inclusions Every Granny Flat Should Have

A granny flat is more than just a house. At Hoek Modular Homes, we pride ourselves on serving each and every one of our clients’ unique and individual needs, ensuring that we build more for them than just another house, but a place they can call home.

And for a place to be home, it needs to have all the standard features in our all-in-one offer. We make sure that we do all the work. There should be nothing else on your plate once we are done building your house so that you can start making it a home as soon as the first day you move in. Here are our standard inclusions in every project that we complete: 

  • Site Inspection & Soil Test: A preliminary site inspection and soil test are crucial before building your home. This gives us the reassurance that your home will be built on the best possible location and that the area is suitable for a home of this size.


  • Council Fees for Building and Plumbing: There are always council fees that must be paid when building a home and installing plumbing. We make sure that those bills are included in your payment, saving you the headache of dealing with any possible future dilemmas. 
Brisbane Granny Flat Deck Standard Inclusion
  • Engineer Certified & Designed: No home is built by Hoek Modular Homes without the “green light” from our team of experienced and professional engineers. This guarantees that your home will be designed by those who truly know what they are doing.


  • Colorbond Roofing: Energy-smart and reliable with every inch, Colorbond steel is proven to withstand even the harshest Australian weather condition. Colorbond roofing will keep your home safe and secure for as long as you live.


  • Steel Subframe: By building all our homes with our steel subframe, we create houses that are reliable, durable, and innovative. This allows for a quick installation with minimal delays, safe from chemicals and pesticides.


  • Termite Protected Structural Blue Pine Framing: Termites are always an issue that homeowners have to worry about, but with our termite protected structural blue pine framing, termites are a thing of the past. This framing is termite-resistant, making sure that the structural integrity of your home stands the test of time and bugs.


  • Egger OS’Floor: Egger OS’Floor is one of the top panels on the market. This wood-based panel is great for indoor application, as it withstands even the most humid weather conditions. Egger OS’Floor is our wood panel of choice, with 100% formaldehyde-free resin bonded panels.


  • Earthwool Insulation: Earthwool Insulation has become one of the most popular types of home insulation in the country in recent years. Its compressed packaging makes it easy to transport on site, and its special binder makes it more flexible and easier to work with.


  • Vinyl Flooring and Carpet Throughout: All our homes are built with vinyl flooring and carpet throughout. This gives our home the flexibility to work with any kind of décor or home decorating style, while ensuring maximum performance and durability.
  • Tiled and Sealed Wet Areas: Wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens will always be given the full treatment, with everything tiled and sealed in place. This keeps those pesky liquids from getting into the walls and damaging your home.
Brisbane Granny Flat Tile Standard Inclusion
  • Builders Range Laminate Kitchen: Builders Range is the brand we trust when it comes to laminating our kitchen floors. Laminated floors keep moisture controlled while giving your kitchen that sustained new-home gleam.


  • Transport and Installation of Modular Homes: Never worry about us leaving your home for you to pick up. Just tell us where you need it transported and installed and we will have your home there in no time.


  • Diamond Mesh Security Screens and Fly Screens: To keep your home properly secure and pest-free, all of our entry doors come with Diamond Mesh security screens, while all windows are protected with fly screens.


  • Three Coat Internal Painting: Your home will stay colorful and fresh for decades to come. With Haymes Ultra Premium, we give your home a three coat internal painting job. Choose the colors to last.


  • Electrical Fittings: All electrical fittings will be installed in the home, making it a complete package. This includes power points, lighting, fans, smoke, detectors, TV points with internal switchboard, and more.

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