How To Save Money In Your Granny Flat

Granny flats are wonderful forms of housing that have changed so much over the last few decades. Transforming from the simple box home to elaborate, custom designs, granny flats are an affordable way to add extra living space separate from your main dwelling. Granny flats are also a great way of earning additional income in various approved regions, however; you can save even more money in your granny flat by following these simple tips.

Granny Flat Heating & Cooling

Did you know that heating and cooling systems use approximately 40% of household energy?* Heating and cooling such as heater, air conditioner and fan use, however; can easily be reduced by carrying out a few handy techniques.

Draft Stoppers are fantastic for preventing cold air entering your home during the cold winter months through cracks in doors. They simply either slide under your door, or on one side, to effectively block wind drafts.

Another great technique is to rotate curtains and blinds to suit the season. Heavy woollen curtains are great for the cooler months whilst light and thin curtains are perfect for Spring and Summer. This technique helps either keep in warmth or allow in natural cool air through windows. Regardless of whether a window is open or closed, a certain percentage of heat and cold enters the home through the glass. Opening or closing a window simply aids your intention.

Did you know that you can regulate your body temperature through your head, hands and feet? During winter, the majority of your body heat is lost either from your feet or head, thus; beanies, socks, gloves and scarves are great means of keeping warm and cosy without the use of electricity.

Granny flats are perfect examples of using space effectively and thus are perfect for easily cooling or warming up the home by simply either creating air flow or containing warmth. Cooling the home can be achieved naturally by opening all doors within the granny flat and opening windows creating a natural air flow, particularly when done first thing in the cool morning. Warming the home uses the opposing method of closing the home up of an evening until the sun rises in the morning. Closing the home keeps warm air from the kitchen and body heat in, however; once the sun rises and begins to warm things up opening the house will actually bring in more warmth during the day.

Granny flats are fantastically well insulated, thus by carrying out these methods, you can reduce electricity used heating or cooling your home and thus save money.

Save Electricity In Your Granny Flat Winter Woollies

General Water Use

Nearly all of us are guilty of enjoying hot water and showers maybe for a little much, especially in winter, however; there is a way we can still enjoy these things without throwing money down the drain on electricity bills.

Water in particular is a extremely versatile element throughout our home. It is used for washing ourselves, our clothes, dishes, cars, as well as hydrating us, our animals and plants. As we use water for so many tasks around the home, it is also a great opportunity to save water and money by recycling our water.

Clearly, you or your animals would not drink your bath or dish water, however; your garden will love it, given you don’t use products that contain harmful materials or chemicals. Grey water recycling systems enable water you let down your sinks or tubs, to be recycled out automatically onto your garden or lawn. This can greatly benefit many homeowners who love enjoying a healthy, thriving lawn and garden with minimum effort, the only task needed is to regularly move the exit hose.

You can invest in complex grey water recycling systems, however; if you are happy to eliminate unnatural, chemical products in your bath, washing machine and sinks and only use grey water for your garden, it is as easy as calling a plumber.

Save Water In Your Granny Flat

General Power Use

How often would you boil the kettle at home on a weekend? Can you tell the time using your microwave or turn the television on with just the remote? Well, you could be constantly losing unnecessary money just from these few devices.

There is no need to continuously re-boil the kettle every time you want a hot beverage, especially if it is within the space of a few hours. Insulated flasks and thermos, are designed to keep its contents either hot or cold, perfect for enabling you to enjoy a hot beverage whenever you want throughout the day. Be sure to fill it up immediately after boiling in the morning and tip out any water from the previous day.

Save Electricity In Your Granny Flat Flask

Standby power is also another unnecessary use of electricity which can add up throughout your home. It can be televisions, computers, microwaves, digital alarm clocks, stereos, etc. By simply turning off these items at the wall when not in use or when not needed, saves a few cents everyday which can all add up in the long run.

Where possible use natural light and be mindful of how much electricity you are using throughout the day or night, considering if it is really necessary. This, for example, can be things such as devices left on charge, which isn’t always necessary, nor is it good for your device or home as a potential fire risk.

Buying water and energy efficient appliances can also help cut down water and electricity use.

Natural alternatives to electricity and fossil fuels can be just as effective, such as line drying clothes rather than using a clothes dryer, or opening curtains for light, or using a push mower instead of a ride on using more fuel and oil. It can all come down to time, determination and a little bit of patience.

Save Electricity In Your Granny Flat Standby

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