Finding Cheap But Good Granny Flats

Granny flats are easily becoming one of the most sought after residential solutions in Brisbane and it’s easy to see why. What attracts a lot of people to granny flats is extreme customizability and quaint charm. Originally designed to house the elderly, granny flats have since evolved to accommodate dwellers of all shape and sizes, regardless of age.

This alternative dwelling is perfect for families, friends, and individuals alike who want to make considerable changes to their lifestyle without sacrificing the luxuries of space, privacy, and entertainment.

Aside from these great features, there’s no denying that what makes the prospect of granny flat living so irresistible is its absolute affordability. In an age where having your own house is a luxury and not a necessity, low-cost residential solutions might just be the answer to a lot of financial and stability problems.

With housing costs and taxes rising every year, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are deciding to go for alternative residential solutions. Even sworn renters recognize the economic advantages of buying your own granny flat and are considering to become certified homeowners.

Two Misconceptions About Granny Flats

Modular homes or prefabricated homes such as granny flats are relatively new introductions to the housing industry. A lot of people look over its potential and go for traditional housing because of the misconceptions surrounding this kind of residence.

To avoid making the same mistake as most homeowners, it’s crucial that you understand just what exactly granny flats are supposed to be like before dismissing it as just another cultural fad.

1) Granny Flats Are Not Real Houses

The granny flat is not a fad—it’s a modern solution to increasing costs of basic living. A granny flat is a standard home, complete with all the spaces for living, built in a more compact space. It is no way designed to be a house 2.0. Everything that you need—from a bathroom to a bedroom, to even a laundry and a patio—can be included in your own granny flat.

These spaces are often extremely customizable. With companies like us offering hundreds of designs, you are bound to find one that can include as many home innovations as you like. The point of owning a granny flat is to live exactly the way you would in a traditional housing, but in a more sustainable way.

2) Granny Flats Are Not Permanent Houses

Part of the reason why sceptics tend to think granny flats aren’t real houses is that the cost of making them is so much cheaper than a traditional home. For a fraction of a cost (hint: just less than AU$100,000), you can have your own granny flat.

This disbelief is understandable. A lot of so-called granny flat specialists capitalize on affordability rather than quality. Instead of building permanent homes, they fashion houses from the cheapest materials possible. They treat it as a temporary home and not a lasting one. As a result, these companies create granny flats that don’t stand well, which is damaging to the reputation of granny flats in general.

How Granny Flats Should Be Made

At Hoek Modular Homes, our goal is to change the way people see granny flats. We aim to capitalize a granny flat’s many strengths through our careful creation process.

What sets us apart from a lot of granny flat builders are our standard inclusions. Rather than using the cheapest materials we could get our hands on, we make it our mission to find affordable but quality, industry-approved materials just for you.

These standard inclusions include:

  • Site inspection and soil test
  • All fees for building and plumbing
  • Termite protection and structural blue pine framing
  • Vinyl flooring and carpeting
  • All-around insulation
  • Tiled and sealed wet areas
  • Diamond Mesh security screens for doors and windows
  • Electrical fittings


Why Choose Hoek Modular Homes To Build Your Granny Flat?

Happy Couple In Granny Flat

Unlike other companies, we make sure to go above and beyond to make you feel that this granny flat is your home. Not a shelter, not a temporary place, but a home.

The build is only one aspect of the house, designing it is another. There are hundreds of granny flat designs that you could choose from. With this extensive list, you are bound to find one that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

Granny flats don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Similarly, you don’t have to settle for bad material to get an affordable option. At Hoek, we have created all the possible combinations to ensure that you find something that you like. To us at Hoek, granny flats aren’t a cultural fad; they’re an innovation.

To get a complete list of all our granny flat designs, feel free get in touch here.

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