2016 Top Modular & Granny Flat Home Designs

Hoek Modular Homes brings to you today’s latest top recommended designs from their range of granny flats and modular homes.

Huntington 67 “New”

Hoek Modular Homes Recommended Home Designs Huntington 67 New


  • Open plan
  • Separate toilet
  • Good value
  • Separate laundry
  • 2 bedroom
  • Combined kitchen/dining and living area
  • Double wardrobe in master bedroom
  • Large deck

The Aspen 54

Hoek Modular Homes Recommended Home Designs Aspen 54


  • Open plan
  • Combined toilet and bathroom
  • Good value
  • Larger front deck and smaller deck off laundry
  • 2 bedroom with equal sized cupboard space
  • Large combined kitchen and dining area

This year Hoek Modular Home’s, top recommended home designs are the Huntington 67 “New” and the Aspen 54. These spacious 2 bedroom homes both contain large combined living/dinging areas and kitchens, are open plan and host 1-2 entertaining/reception decks.

The Huntington 67 “New”

The Huntington 67 “New” contains a large 1800 x 1200 front deck suitable for entertaining. It hosts a separate toilet and laundry, plus a larger wardrobe in the master bedroom, excellent for couples with a child.

Aspen 54

The Aspen 54 has two decent sized decks attached; one located at the entry for residents to be able to size back of a morning and/or afternoon and enjoy the day, the other is situated off the laundry for the convenience of hanging washing and other house duties. The bathroom includes both a toilet and shower, with a separate laundry.

About Hoek Modular Homes Designs

At Hoek Modular Homes we understand the theory behind the process of gaining approval and regulations of owning a second dwelling can be mind boggling; therefore that’s why we take care of all that for you. We offer you an information pack on enquiring to help cover, in writing, what we do and the role you play in creating your dream new home. Customers are welcome to arrange and appointment and we’ll show you around our facility, meet the team and discover the building process first hand. At any time during the construction stage of your home you are also able to check on how your home is doing, take photos and ask any questions you may have; we even provide you with a CD with photos of your home as it’s being built so you can cherish your home from start to finish.

Home designs are also custom designed to suit your needs and lifestyle, we don’t just offer a stock standard range. You can choose your own floor coverings, blinds, roof style and extras such as decks and carports. Find out more about our custom extras today!

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