The 2018 Guide To QLD Granny Flat Regulations

First Things First: What Counts As A Granny Flat?

A granny flat is our modern solution to escalated prices in real estate, congested cities, and supervised independent living for teens and the elderly. In 2014, the Brisbane City Plan laid down some rules that will facilitate the increasing popularity of granny flat building. In this article, we are going to discuss the ordinances from the City Plan to help you understand everything you need to know before building a granny flat.

Things To Consider When Building A Granny Flat

Some granny flats aren’t subject to applications and requirements given that they meet certain criteria. For starters, small lots have to be less than 450 sqm or 600sqm for a rear lot, minus the access way. Here are other things to consider before building a granny flat QLD residents will love: 

Resident: Building a granny flat in your property counts as a secondary dwelling, with your first home being the primary dwelling. You don’t need to lodge an application if the granny flat is going to be utilized by a member of your household.

The City Plan recognizes a household as:

  • One person maintaining a household
  • Two or more people related by marriage, blood, or adoption
  • 1-5 children that are below the age of 18 who may not be related but are cared for by up to two adults
  • A maximum of five people who aren’t related

If you’re building a granny flat in your 300sqm lot for your family members, you can build even without securing a permit. Otherwise, you’ll have to lodge an application prior to granny flat construction. When in doubt consult a building certifier or a consultant town planner to make sure you’ve got all the bases for exception covered.

Site Cover: The site cover refers to the proportion of residential space covered by buildings (the home, the granny flat). To ensure the safety and privacy of both dwellings, the City Plan has laid out specific proportions for a range of lot sizes:

  • For lots 400 sqm or more, a maximum of 50%
  • For 300sqm – 400 sqm lots, a maximum of 60%
  • For 200sqm – 300 sqm lots, a maximum of 70%
  • For lots less than 200 sqm, a maximum of 80%

Neighborhood Plans: Seeing which neighborhood plans can affect your granny flat construction is easy now more than ever. All you have to do is check for the developments online and see which ones apply to your area. Lots covered by the Biodiversity and Wetlands overlay may be required to file an application.

QLD Granny Flat Neighbourhood Plan

Requirements For A Granny Flat

Whether you are using the granny flat for rental or residential purposes, there are requirements mandated by the City Plan that must be followed by all builders.

Parking: Granny flats must have one car parking space in addition to one parking space for the main house. It should have a separate entryway from the main house to maintain the privacy and safety of both dwellings.

Rental Granny Flat: If you’re building a granny flat QLD renters can appreciate, lodging an application is necessary because you are declaring the second dwelling as a rental property.

Sizes: Even without council approval, there are certain rules in place regarding the height and number of storeys your granny flat can have.

For two-storey homes that are 9.5 meters in height, rear and side walls cannot be higher than 7.5 meters. The highest part of the rooftop can’t be greater than 30 degrees on small lots. It must also be a low to medium density residential and should be considered an emerging community.

For granny flats three storeys and 11.5 meters high, rear and side walls cannot measure higher than 9.5 meters. The maximum pitch on the top part of the roof cannot exceed 30 degrees.

Note that you can build a granny flat that goes beyond these dimensions. If you are building outside the City Plan’s recommendations, lodging an application is necessary to help you create structures that are safe and durable.

Before building your granny flat, it’s best to take counsel from a town plan coordinator who can help you decide whether you need to lodge a building permit or not. At Moek Modular Homes, we take care of the city ordinances and other documents you need to start granny flat building so you can have a hassle-free experience.

This information was gathered from the Brisbane City Council website. For the latest information in granny flat building, visit their website.

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