Life can have its ups and downs, we all go through dark times, when we look for the little things to brighten our day and cheer us up. Our homes have a huge impact on our lives, they are our places of refuge and love. Adding simple and bright interior design elements can enhance our everyday happiness and bring us up when we are feeling down.

Light & White Coloured Paint

Colour can make all the difference to a room. It can create shadows making a room look like a cramped box or it can create a mirror effect, opening up a room to appear bigger. Dark colours enhance shadows, thus often making a room appear smaller than it is. Whites and other light, pale colours are great to use to brighten up any room of your granny flat.

Try and keep the paintwork simple. Adding too many colours or by adding bold colours can limit your creativity when it comes to furniture and decor. Having 1-2 main colours such as, white, cream or pale yellow allows you to add brightness with easier and changeable methods. Furniture and decor is easy to swap and change to suit different styles when you want to re-decorate, instead of having to repaint an entire room or feature wall.


Mirrors, like light coloured paints, also help give the illusion of space. When large mirrors are placed in small corners or on blank walls, it can magnify the effects of light and make the room appear bigger and brighter. This is excellent to bring a little bit of sunshine indoors.

Mirrors can come in all shapes, styles and sizes so you can be sure to find the right mirror to suit any room.


White & Plentiful Lighting

Warm yellow light is good for creating a warm cosy vibe design, whereas white lighting and LEDs help introduce bright, energetic and fresh vibes into your home.

LEDs are great energy saving lighting that when used effectively can look great and light up an entire area with little hassle at all.

The use of lamps and skylights in dark corners and corridors help provide adequate light for those reading or study corners and walkways.


Pops Of Colour

Features are easily created with colour. Create interest in every area with pops of colour, it could be a cushion, lamp, rug or object. Bright, vibrant colours help draw the eye but be careful not to over-do it, limit it to small subtle items and include no more than two bright colours in your designs to prevent mental confusion.

Flowers & Other Indoor Plants

Plants and flowers are a sure way to bring a bit of life, freshness and happiness into the home. Their beauty often rubs off onto their atmosphere, making a room or space feel instantly more beautiful. They look great as corner features, trailing down from the tops of bookshelves, window sills and simply in the centre of tables and countertops.

They also clean the air you breathe too! So there’s no reason not to add a bit of life to your granny flat with plants the next time you are home decorating.


Large Clear Windows

Large clear windows bring in plenty of that bright light and beautiful view. It opens up a room, also helping feel larger and fresh with natural light, rather than artificial light.

These are great to include in areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and living areas.


Light Flowy Curtains Or Full Opening Blinds

Thick, heavy curtains are great for keeping the light out of a night time in bedrooms, however; during the day it is nice to allow in as much light as possible. Light flowy white or pale coloured curtain designs allow plenty of light to seep through even with the curtains closed. They can be placed behind existing curtains in bedrooms or used solely in living and dining areas.

Fully opening blinds also allow a clear view of the outdoors and when opened, allowing maximum light in and giving the illusion of space.

Curtains and blinds can be easily added to any style room or space. Simply visit your nearest homewares and interior store to find the latest styles and options for your granny flat.


Think Simple. Less Is More

When it comes to designing your granny flat, having a simple design often opens up room for creativity within. Granny flat designs are built with care attention to space and the effective use of it. Less clutter helps make a room feel larger and more spacious with light making is way easily around simple objects, creating less shadows.

When designing your granny flat interior, consider the style you are trying to achieve and how you can do that simply and effectively.


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