The Standard Granny Flat

Don’t let the name fool you: granny flats are not that different from traditional homes. Apart from the size, granny flats typically have the same structure and components of your regular home. Most granny flats have a full-size kitchen, a living space, a bedroom, and a kitchen. If there’s more room, most people would throw in a supply closet or a laundry room.

The best thing about granny flats is that you don’t have to compromise functionality just because of the limited space. With great custom granny flat builders out there, you can even create a granny flat that’s built specifically for you, including all the gizmos and add-ons you want to make your house truly yours.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Why Customise?

Most people interested in granny flats tend to think that they all come in the same shape and size just because it’s prefabricated. However, contractors like Hoek Modular Homes actually offer both custom and premade designs.

At the end of the day, granny flat living is all about flexibility. The philosophy behind this style of living rests on the fact that you have everything that you need, regardless of space. And since this is typically built for elderly who need extra care or disabled family members who would require access to special facilities, granny flat living has always been the kind of home that encourages customisation.

There are many ways to go about customisation. You can choose to tweak one of the designs we already have or completely build one from scratch. Hoek Modular Homes has an extensive range of designs for 1 or 2 bedroom granny flats. Visit our website to learn more about existing designs.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

How To Customise Your Granny Flat 

Now let’s talk about the customisation itself. Below are some of the things you can install and feature to really get the most out of granny flat living:

Special Access Facilities: Since granny flats began as a home for the elderly and the disabled, it’s common for clients to request special facilities to accommodate their lifestyles. This may include building ramps, handles, and railing around the home to allow easy mobility.

Work + Living: Some clients use granny flats as their home office. As such, the structure of the home may be different from what you would expect. In place of a kitchen, there could be a dedicated studio that will be able to accommodate someone’s working conditions.

Incorporating technology: Some granny flats have solar panels instead of electrical fittings. Others have voice-recognition technology and other tech innovations integrated into the home. Again, the point of granny flat living is to make your home truly yours. And with various home tech coming out in the market, it’s becoming popular for people to have additions that will improve their quality of life.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

How To Find Good Custom Granny Flat Builders

Good custom granny flat builders are all about implementing your vision in the space available to you. Some granny flat homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they can’t implement their own design and needs into the home.

The components of a granny flat may not be different from a traditional home but the building process is quite unique. Because they are considered a secondary home, there’s extensive paperwork that comes into the mix.

At Hoek Modular Homes, we provide several standard inclusions that you won’t get with other contractors. These include:

Site Inspection and Soil Test: We want to make sure that the home we build for you can accommodate the terrain it’s being built on. We don’t shy away from hills and other terrain with slopes and obstacles as we’ll try to create a custom granny flat that will suit your land.

Fees and paperwork: A lot of paperwork goes into granny flat building. Hoek Modular Homes takes care of all of that for you. We take care of council fees and other paperwork necessary for construction.

Utilities Fitting: Contractors typically only build the house and omit the installations that make it a home. Electrical fittings are a part of our standard inclusions. Before signing a contract with your contractor, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Some homeowners only find out that inclusions like termite protection and insulation aren’t included in the initial cost and they are left only with a frame of the home.

Hoek Modular Homes Standard Inclusions

On the other hand, we strive to include as many things as possible into each contract. To view more of the inclusions we offer, visit this page or contact Hoek Modular Homes today to talk about granny flat design possibilities!