Hoek Modular Homes’ 1 Bedroom Granny Flat Plans

Granny flat living doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to space forever. Just because you have downsized doesn’t mean that the modern comforts of everyday life are no longer accessible to you. Hoek Modular Homes’ very own 1 bedroom granny flat plans show that it’s possible to integrate household favourites into a more compact design.


Below are some of our most popular 1 bedroom granny flat plans:

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Getaway 50

Starting price: $108,745

The Getaway 50 is a one-bedroom granny flat with an open space layout for living and cooking. It offers a quaint square design with a spacious 12.8 sqm patio, extending from the living space up to the bedroom. The total living area is 50.4 sqm, which is a sizable amount for granny flats.

Despite the more compact design, the Getaway 50 is designed with a small walk in robe in the bedroom, and is a perfect example of innovative storage solutions that can be installed in your granny flat. The bedroom space is big enough to comfortably fit a king or a queen bed. This is perfect for teens who want to experience independent living. It would also make a decent home for couples as well as a three-person household.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Whistler 42

Starting price: $101,482

The Whistler 42 features a more traditional facade composed of wood panelling. This granny flat has a total living space of 42.0 sqm and a deck area of 7.5sqm set out front. The home is split into two main sections. From the patio, you walk into an open space layout for the kitchen and the dining room.

The bedroom and the ensuite bathroom are located on the right side of the home, ensuring maximum privacy. This is great for people who prefer living alone but still have enough space for intimate gatherings with friends and family. The compact space and easy access from bedroom to the bathroom to the living room is most suitable for people with mobility issues.

Additional features such as ramps and hand railings can be installed around the home to accommodate any special needs.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Getaway 41

Starting price: $100,584

The Getaway 41 is one of our most popular 1 bedroom granny flat plans. The square design adds unique character to the home, with a quaint 3.1 sqm patio guiding you to the front door and inside the living room. Also utilising an open space layout, the kitchen and living room combined provide more than enough space for hosting a couple of friends.

Directly in front of these living areas are the bedroom and bathroom. The room is designed with internal acoustics as the robe separating the bedroom and the bathroom negate sounds that come from the laundry room.

This thoughtful 1 bedroom plan is suitable for bachelors and bachelorettes as well as teens who wish to live separately from their families.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Mountainview 44

Starting Price: $105,091

The Mountainview 44 is another one of our popular 1 bedroom granny flat plans. The rectangle design of this home allows for much living and cooking space, on top of a 7.6 sqm deck. Mountainview 44’s ample living space allow for intimate dinner parties and entertainment. The bathroom is neatly tucked on the opposite side of the kitchen space, making it accessible to guests while maintaining the homeowner’s privacy.

The bedroom is thoughtfully placed on the leftmost part of the home. The Mountainview 44 is designed to maximize the 51.7 sqm floor plan through open space layouts, while maintaining the illusion of separation for each of the rooms. An optional carport may be installed at the side of the home.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

Buena Vista 50

Starting price: $114,012

The Buena Vista 50 is one of our spacious 1 bedroom granny flat plans. It features a sizable 6.7sqm patio that opens directly into the living room, which flows into a dedicated kitchen space. Innovative homeowners won’t have a problem fitting in a cozy dining nook to host friends and families.

A small hallway separates the bedroom, water closet, laundry, and bedroom from the rest of the home. The division creates the illusion of space without sacrificing comfortable living. With a total living area of 50 sqm, the Buena Vista 50 makes for an incredibly cozy 1 bedroom granny flat that has all the features you need to feel like a home.

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