Brisbane’s Leading Granny Flat Builders

Elderly facilities are a thing of the past. Who needs elderly care when you can sit grandma and grandpa in their own safe and fully-functional tiny house? To families, this means having the elderly living within their premises in a secluded and independent dwelling unit.

But the charm of granny flats isn’t exclusive to families. To investors, the prospect of a granny flat has everything premium real property has to offer: cozy, complete, and cost-efficient; the perfect selling points for a profitable rental property.

Granny flats in Brisbane are like any other real property. It takes expert engineers and smart designers to create spaces suitable for small and safe living, and who better to trust than Brisbane’s leading granny flat builder?

Meet Hoek Modular Homes

As a Brisbane homeowner, you’ve probably heard of Hoek Modular Homes for their cabin and modular home projects. The company is well-known for creating large experiences in small spaces. Just browse their online catalogue and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of home designs that are built for large living.

A part of what makes Hoek Modular Homes so great is their ability to deliver custom-made housing solutions. When building smaller dwellings like cabins and granny flats, it’s incredibly important to take functionality into consideration. After all, these spaces aren’t built like regular homes. Each space has to matter, and that’s something Hoek prioritizes when talking through design with their customers.

The company’s goal is to build homes, not houses. They put emphasis on “living” in living space and make sure that a property’s supposed resident feels welcome. This talent isn’t exactly a surprise given their 50 years of architectural experience in the Brisbane area.

Cooking In Granny Flat Brisbane

Why Choose Hoek Modular Homes

When looking for builders for your granny flats Brisbane, it’s important to look for a company that puts extreme care in building real property. As a member of the Master Builders Association, Hoek Modular Homes offers a 12-month maintenance period and a government back 10-year structural warranty to all its designs.

Aside from these exclusive offers, Hoek Modular Homes offers nifty standard inclusions you won’t get from other companies.

Before they even build your home, they visit the plot and perform a site inspection and soil test to make sure that you’re building on safe grounds. Worried about the hassle of council fees? Home Modular Homes already has you covered. They take care of building and plumbing fees so you don’t have to. How convenient is that? They also offer free installation on sites that are within 100 kilometres of their site factory.

While Hoek Modular Homes does its best to create custom-build houses, they provide a number of high-quality standard inclusions to all their designs:

  • Colorbond roofing
  • Termite control
  • Vinyl and carpet flooring
  • Steel subframe
  • Earthwool insulation
  • Electrical fittings
  • Three-coat internal painting with Haymes Ultra Premium
  • Diamond mesh security screens to doors and windows
  • Tiling and sealing of wet areas
  • Laminated kitchen with oven and cooktop

Naturally, any concerns regarding their standard inclusions can be discussed with the site manager appointed to you. If you have other preferences for design and building material, it’s always wise to take it up with them in the early stages of planning.

Hoek Modular Homes also has a detailed 7-step building process to ensure quality customer care: enquiry, design details, site details, quotes and specifications, contract and colour selection, construction, and handover.

Carpet Flooring In Brisbane Granny Flat
Laminate Flooring In Brisbane Granny Flat

Choosing The Right Granny Flat Design 

Let’s get down to design. Hoek Modular Homes has over 200 standard designs for granny flats Brisbane, but you can always talk them through custom details. Their standard granny flat range offers one to two bedrooms, but this can be upgraded to three to four-bedroom homes during a consultation.

The two most popular granny flats Brisbane offered by Hoek Modular Homes are the Huntington 55 and the Aspen 70.

Huntington 55 Granny Flat Home
Aspen 70 Granny Flat Home

The Huntington 55 is a two-bedroom granny flat with an optional patio. The total area of the home is about 55 sqm of living space. This design features a 6.5 sqm patio for lazy afternoons. This small house packs quite a punch with a full-sized kitchen area with pantry, integrated into an open plan dining and living area.

Despite its size, Hoek Modular Homes was able to fit in a suitable laundry space as well as a comfortable bathroom. All in all, this space could comfortably fit 4-6 people at a time.

The Aspen 70 isn’t that different—it is also a two-bedroom design but with a much larger living space. At 78.2 sqm, this space is the perfect balance between mobility and accessibility. This design features a larger patio space and big windows to accommodate large amounts of natural light, both of which are incredibly perfect environments for all dwellers, old and young.

Getting Started 

Interested in building your own granny flat Brisbane? Call or email Hoek Modular Homes today and start talking to them about you or your loved one’s dream home.