Home Rainy Day Boredom Busters

Are you loving the cool weather but find yourself feeling bored? This list of excellent ways to beat those rainy day boredom blues indoors in your Granny Flat, Modular home or Cabin home.

It is pouring outside and you’ve got the day off. It is one of those days when the breeze outside is chilly and you can finally sleep in, snuggled up in the warmth of your bed. You get up and put the kettle on, looking out the window at how deep and rich the rain makes everything look. However if you find yourself thinking … “what am I going to do today now that it’s raining?” don’t worry we’ve got a list of things to keep you entertained all day long.


Make some snacks, boil the kettle and settle with your journal, newspaper or a good book.
Home Boredom Busters Cuppa


Grab a pencil and paper and draw up a plan for a new DIY home building project, room design or new garden project.
Home Boredom Busters Home Projects


Get Organised. Make a list of all those essential items that you always need. Whether it’s what is in your pantry or garage,  never forget anything on a shopping day again.
Home Boredom Busters Organising


Go bargain hunting. Op shops and garage sales are excellent places to find killer deals on tools, furniture, equipment and décor that you can recycle, re-use and turn into a treasure.
Home Boredom Busters Bargain Hunting


Get Creative. Create a mood board for your home projects from old magazines, colour books from your local hardware store and textures.
Home Boredom Busters Mood Board


Make It Yourself. Handy hacks for around the home. Make your own soap, cheese, outdoor seating, etc. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty, not only is it fun but can also save you money.
Home Boredom Busters DIY


Brighten The Home. Add some new decor, arrange some flowers, light some candles or the fireplace to immediately brighten and bring warmth into your home.
Home Boredom Busters Home Decor


Pop some popcorn and vege out in front of the TV with your favorite film.
Hoek Modular Homes Home Boredom Busters Watching Movies


Repair or sew yourself some new rags and cleaning cloths using old damaged or faded clothes.
Hoek Modular Homes Home Boredom Busters DIY Craft Making


Scroll the net for some new DIY projects to get cracking on.
Hoek Modular Homes Home Boredom Busters Surfing Internet

The possibilities to enjoy some time indoors in your granny flat, modular home or cabin home are endless, alone or with your family. Enjoy the simple moments. Life has its way of getting hectic too often, all by itself. Enjoy!

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