Alternative housing options have become more and more popular over the years. While a lot of that has something to do with the rising costs in traditional real estate, there are more reasons why homeowners turn to modular homes as their permanent residence. Flexibility, mobility, and cost-efficiency are just some of the benefits to owning a modular home, specifically kit homes.

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The Pros Of Owning A Kit Home

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1. Design Flexibility

Kit homes can come in different shapes and sizes. Builders can create a kit home that is custom-fit for your lifestyle so you can enjoy all the little amenities that support your day to day living. Do you need a bigger pantry? Do you like a separate home office? Are you a fan of innovative storage? You can achieve all these and more when you have a kit home.

Not sure what your home should look like? Browse popular granny flats designs for inspiration.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

2. Shorter Build Time

Kit home projects can conclude in a little as 2-3 months. This is because builders have a smaller frame to work on. The installation process is more seamless, allowing them to finish tasks in shorter time frames.

Most kit homes are built on-site. After the pieces are transported from the factory to your lot, you can immediately start building whenever you want.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

3. Eco-friendly

Installing eco-friendly features for your home is now made possible. Water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels can all be implemented in your home. There’s no need to worry about heating costs since kit homes come with thermal insulation.

Because everything is planned from the get-go, kit homes lead to less wasted material. To give your home more personality, you can always ask builders to use repurposed glass, wood, and steel as a great way to both reduce cost and add character to your space.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

4. Accessible

Kit homes make housing accessible for everyone. For starters, these homes aren’t nearly as expensive as traditional real estate. There are also plenty of opportunities to cut down on costs such as taking over the building process and using recycled material.

When hiring a builder, try and find ones that offer multiple inclusions in the package so you can get the most out of your money. At Hoek Modular Homes, we provide inclusions that other builders don’t, so it’s always wise to look around before signing a contract.

Things To Consider: Safety, Building Cost, Regulations

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

The Basics

Zoning regulations, water source, and soil composition are among the first factors you should look into. Not all land is deemed appropriate as a residential area so make sure to double-check with your council before buying the property. If possible, see the area around summer and rainy season to see if you’re safe from forest fires and flooding.


Are you building your kit home near an urban area or somewhere more remote? If you’re relocating somewhere a bit far away, it might be challenging for utility providers to reach your location. In this case, be prepared to have alternative sources of energy and water.

Design And Size

What type of home do you see yourself in? Before getting in touch with a builder, it’s wise to have a layout prepared so you can talk about costs. Having some specifics laid out, such as size, bedroom count, and custom-features you want included, are useful in getting an accurate number for your dream home. Looking at popular granny flats – common features, style, and size – is a good way to get started.

Kit Home vs Granny Flats: Is There A Difference

Kit homes and granny flats aren’t the same type of modular home. Kit homes are bought as a “set”. Think of it furniture that you have to assemble. If you’re looking for a way to cut down costs, kit homes are a great option because you can choose to buy the pieces and just build it yourself.

The downside is that you have to take care of the utilities yourself. From electrical fittings to tapping a clean and reliable water supply, these additional tasks often come with building a kit home.

On the other hand, granny flats don’t require that much work at all. Everything you need is arranged and built by your contractor so you can relax knowing that your home is in safe hands.

Considering Alternatives

Before signing a deal with your contractor, ask yourself if a kit home is the right option for you. There are other modular homes you could choose from such as granny flats, which might be a more affordable, convenient option. Visit Hoek Modular Homes website and learn more about granny flats here.