Ever Wonder What Makes Modular Homes Different From Other Homes?

Aside from the fact that they are typically built off-site, there are other facts about modular homes that make this type of residence unique from others.

Want to learn more? Here are the top 6 facts you should learn about modular homes:

1) Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes Are Different 

Most people think that modular homes and manufactured homes are one and the same because they are built in-house. In reality, that’s where the similarities stop. While modular homes and manufactured homes can both be considered prefabricated properties in that they are assembled in a factory before being transported to a permanent address, they vary in that one is mobile and the other isn’t.

Metal wirings on modular homes are more or less permanent. Its fixtures are not built for travel and it doesn’t have attachments that would support relocation. On the other hand, manufactured homes are built precisely for this reason. They have features that are made to accommodate the possibility of relocation.

On the outside, these homes look similar. When in doubt, try to look for any fixtures on a modular home’s exterior. See if you can find hooks that would easily tie to a car or a van.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

2) Modular Homes Require Less Building Time 

There are various factors that contribute to a much speedier building process. Firstly, most contractors require to be paid upfront before the building process even begins. Financial delays are the primary cause of unprecedented construction delays. In the case of modular homes,  because you’re paying the contractor upfront, you don’t have to worry about sudden expenses half-way through the build.

Secondly, usual culprits like bad weather no longer affect the building time. Modular homes are built in-house, which keeps it safe from rain, sunshine, and snow. Day in and day out, you can be sure that your modular home contractor is working tirelessly to facilitate this build and finish it up on time.

Finally, modular homes don’t have as much area space as traditional real estate. Precisely because they are smaller in size, building or renovating one is an easier task, one that can be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

3) Modular Homes Have An Interesting Design Process 

Even before the first nail hits the bed, everything about the modular home has already been planned. Modular home contractors use computer-aided design (CAD) to make sure that every nook and cranny is exactly the dimension they want it to be.

Aside from accuracy purposes, engineers make use of computer design to achieve the unconventional looks of some modular homes. Remember that these homes are built in the factory and can pretty much take up any shape and form. In order to safely and effectively execute a design, builders simulate the dimension to ensure that it holds up in real life.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

4) Modular Homes Are Appraised The Same Way As Traditional Real Estate

We tend to think that bigger is better and that tends to inform the way we view real estate. Contrary to popular belief, modular homes make profitable rental properties because they are appraised the same way as traditional real estate.

Don’t be fooled by its size, modular homes are great rental investments precisely because they don’t depreciate in value. Unlike bigger homes, modular homes are easier and more affordable to maintain, making it easy for modular home owners to break even once they decide to sell or rent out their properties.

5) Modular Homes Are Built To Last 

Another misconception about modular homes is that they are not “real property”. People assume that, because they are assembled in a factory, the quality of build is similar to a showroom or a temporary facade.

In reality, modular homes are built to last. The metal wiring serves as a strong foundation for the home, so much so that even the most standard design can withstand winds of up to 175-mph.

Want something tougher? There are various upgrades available on the market that would further strengthen your modular home so it can stand both the test of time and of natural disasters.

Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage
Brisbane Granny Flat Build Converted Garage

6) Modular Homes Can Be Unique 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that modular homes are mass-produced precisely because they are built in factories. There are various ways to build all kinds of modular homes, and home owners can always choose between building one from scratch and choosing a pre-made design.

In fact, modular homes inspire the most creativity out of its home owners. Because of the limited space, owners and builders alike are compelled to come up with innovative space-saving solutions that will open up the space.

Even the premade designs can be tweaked to add some special features. This is especially useful for individuals with mobility issues who would require platforms and specialised amenities incorporated in their home.

Want to start your modular home building journey?

Whether you are after a pre-made design or a customised build, we strive to include as many things as possible into each contract. To view more of the inclusions we offer, visit this page or contact Hoek Modular Homes today to talk about modular home design possibilities!