Granny Flat Designs For Every Age

A granny flat can be used for a variety of purposes. Maybe you’re wanting to move in an elderly relative and would like to dedicate a separate but complete space for them. Maybe you want your teenagers to get a taste of independent living. Maybe you’re financially smart and have decided that this is the perfect starter home for you.

Because of its flexible nature, the granny flat can easily become the answer to your residential needs. Contrary to its name, it certainly isn’t made exclusively for grandparents. In fact, these stylish homes can feature the best in home technology, allowing you to maximize your space according to your own terms.

Designing your own granny flat is half of the fun. Incorporating your own features is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss when buying your first granny flat. On the other hand, choosing a pre-meditated design by experts is also a viable choice for those who have a problem nailing down their requirements.

Hoek Modular Homes

Creating a granny flat from scratch isn’t an easy process, which is why we exist to help you select the perfect home. Hoek Modular Homes is a premier modular homes building company in Brisbane, trusted by hundreds of homeowners.

Buying a granny flat is an exciting process and selecting your own design shouldn’t be any less enjoyable. Below are some beautiful choices for anyone who wants a little bit of everything:

Stylish Getaway 41 Granny Flat Design

Contrary to popular belief, granny flats aren’t a beta version of traditional housing, and the Getaway 41 model proves just that. This Brisbane granny flat design aims to recreate the same spaces you enjoy in a regular-sized home.

The Getaway 41 is one of the more popular 1-bedroom designs because of the additional features that make it a proper home. At 40.86 sqm, you get a dedicated laundry space, bath, and bedroom. There is enough space for entertaining given the open layout of the living room and the kitchen.

Despite its compact size, this granny flat features generous bedroom space big enough to fit a queen or a king bed. At 40.86 sqm, this all-around home is the perfect example of standard granny flat living.

Buena Vista 50 Granny Flat Design

The Buena Vista 50 is a cosy Brisbane granny flat that is perfect for any potential Brisbane homeowner. At 56.7 sqm, this 1-bedroom design is a suitable choice for individuals who want a taste of individual living, without sacrificing the need for ample space.

Its distinct feature is its generous 6.7 sqm patio area. For residents who love to entertain guests or simply enjoy the outdoors, this feature is just an added bonus to the unique features of this beautiful home.

The Buena Vista 50 is installed with large windows which allow for large amounts of sunlight, giving the home an open and atmospheric feel. This gives any resident of the Buena Vista 50 a perception of space and depth, which makes the home feel a lot bigger than what it actually is.

Delaware 65 Granny Flat Design

If you thought granny flats were exclusively meant for bite-sized living, you might want to think again. The Delaware 65 is a 2 bedroom Brisbane granny flat that aims to re-invent the definition of granny flat living. With a dedicated dining area, this granny flat incorporates the ultimate space for relaxation and entertainment.

The bedrooms are conveniently placed on one side of the home, away from the entertainment areas. This gives the residents ample privacy and peace. Between the lounge area and one of the bedrooms is a separate bath and toilet.

This layout is designed to keep disruptions to a minimum and promote a sense of privacy among dwellers. This granny flat is perfect for couples and younger couples with children.

Kelowna 90 Granny Flat Design

If space is what you need, space it what you’ll get with the Kelowna 90. This 2 bedroom home is the premier choice for residents who want granny flat-style living without sacrificing the luxury of spaces.

The 6.2 sqm deck is a welcome feature to the Kelowna 90. With this much room for entertainment, the design makes it a perfect choice for medium-sized families and those who prefer a bigger living space.

The open layout allows the living, dining, and cooking areas to flow into each other. This design provides a sense of heightened space, which accounts for the spacious feeling you get when walking around the area.

The bedrooms are placed at one end of the house. These generous spaces enhance privacy among dwellers. With plenty of personalized living space, the bedrooms can hold a few more pieces of furniture to completely customize the space.

For those who like having guests over, or who simply prefer having lots of space to themselves, the Kelowna 90 is the perfect testament to luxurious Brisbane granny flat living.

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