Mortgage Payments Are The Bane Of Every Homeowner

Despite the many horror stories regarding mortgages, foreclosures, and multiple loan clauses, there are still simple but smart ways to deal with mortgage payments. Listed below are 11 things you can do to consistently pay off your mortgage and hopefully pay it in full as soon as possible:

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1. Be Diligent With Your First Installment

One of the simplest but most commonly committed mistakes is forgetting to pay for your brand new loan or refinance plan within the deadline.

Sometimes the solution to mortgage blues is as simple as one, two, three: as soon as you get the money, pay your first loan right away to reduce your first loan principal.

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2. Consider Getting A Smaller Home

Bigger homes require more time to pay off, and that’s not always ideal. Considering how real estate is becoming less and less accessible to practically everyone, it might make sense to stick to a practical choice. When big homes no longer make sense financially, it’s time to consider smaller alternatives.

Granny flats and other tiny homes are great options to traditional estate. They don’t cost as much as a traditional home and can still help you build the life you want with your family.

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3. Seek Out Cash Windfalls

Getting more cash doesn’t always have to mean getting a new job. Significant cash windfalls such as tax refunds and inheritances can help bring down the principal on your primary loan. Instead of buying a shiny new thing every time you come to some cash, see to it that the money goes straight to your mortgage payment instead.

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4. Keep Up With Repayments

Repayments are typically due every month but who says you have to stop there? You can always choose to pay at a different, much faster pace. If possible, it’s best if you start paying every two weeks. Your mortgage will be out of your hair before you even know it.

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5. Don’t Renegotiate Your Repayments

Interest rates fluctuate. That’s just a fact of life. When it does, resist the temptation to reduce your repayments. Keep at your current amount so when the price surges once more, you’re not thrown off guard and you’re in a position where you’re already comfortable paying a high amount.

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6. Stop Paying In Odd Amounts

Another simple but golden rule: more often than not, payments come in odd amounts shy away from a full hundred or thousand. Start rounding up your payments. The extra dollars you put to complete every 10, 100, and 1000 is a subtle but effective way to get your mortgage down faster.

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7. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Your Bank For Better Rates

The smartest homeowners take their business somewhere at least yearly to get the most out of a new bank’s competing rates. In some cases, you don’t actually have to move your account. It’s good to get in touch with your bank every now and then and communicate exactly what you’ll be needing from their end. Whether it’s lower interest rates or a better deadline, you can work out a deal with your bank that will make your stay all the more worth it.

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8. Refinance When Necessary

Too many homeowners make the mistake of sticking with their bank even though they suffer from awful plans. While it’s not always necessary to find alternatives, refinancing is the best option for cases where homeowners can’t meet the term set by the bank.

If you’re not sure which bank will best accommodate your needs, try getting in touch with a mortgage broker who will look into different opportunities and try to connect you with a refinancing option that works well for you.

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9. Reduce The Interest 

Mortgages are really another “don’t work hard, work smart” situations. Most loans allow account holders to attach an offset account. This account could be 100% offset, which means you don’t have to deal with ludicrous interest rates. Storing money in this account will definitely help mitigate the interest clause you have on your ongoing loans.

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10. Don’t Fall For Welcome Rates

Banks will put their best foot forward just to make sure you stick with them and give them your business. As such, marketing teams will do what they can to acquire your account. But be wary: not all of them will benefit you in the long-run.

These welcome rates are designed to entice homeowners who are applying for the first loan or who are looking for refinancing options. Remember that good banks are there to build a stable, mutually beneficial relationship with their clients for years to come, not just in the first six months.

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11. Rent Off Your Granny Flat

What better way to come to more money other than introducing a form of passive income? Rent out your properties like granny flats and apartments to get more cash to make a significant dent in your mortgage.

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