Relocatable Homes: How Do They Weigh Up?

Relocatable Homes: How Do They Weigh Up? Relocatable homes or transportable homes are buildings that are designed and constructed to be moved from one place to another by vehicle. It is a common question that many ask, “if they are made to be moved, are they as strong as on-site built homes?”   [...]

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Building Prefabricated Modular Homes in Australia

Australia is a wonderful country full of diversity, plenty of wide open spaces and opportunity. It is home to all kind of habitats, climates and weather patterns from lush cool rainforest and mountain ranges to sandy, warm beaches and scorching deserts. It is no wonder so many people love calling Australia their home and [...]

Backyard Cabins – Uses For Leisure & Business

Backyard cabins can be more than just your average guest house. Across Brisbane and the globe, you can find backyard cabins used as home offices, workshops, studios, guest rooms, children’s play houses, gardening cabins and retreats, just to name a few. If you are wondering how you could utilise a cabin in your backyard, [...]

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Modular Homes V.S Kit Homes QLD

No doubt there is many different reasons for choosing a modular or kit home, but what really is the difference and which would be the best option for you? What is a modular home? Modular homes contain all the same aspects as any home. Their true differences lie within [...]

The Best Homes For Sloping & Uneven Locations

Hoek Modular Homes: Sloping Block Homes Perhaps you are looking to add a secondary dwelling or simply love a block of land but the land is not quite level, thus; you are wondering if it is possible to put a house there without the trouble of levelling. Stress not, modular and prefabricated homes might [...]

Granny Flat Interior Designs To Brighten Your Life

Life can have its ups and downs, we all go through dark times, when we look for the little things to brighten our day and cheer us up. Our homes have a huge impact on our lives, they are our places of refuge and love. Adding simple and bright interior design elements can enhance [...]

Top 10 Granny Flat Builder’s Tips

Wanting to take the next step to add your very own backyard granny flat, but don’t know where to start? This list of top granny flat builder’s tips is designed to help guide you in the right direction to start you on your journey.   1. Start with some background research Knowledge [...]

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How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Granny Flat

Granny flats in recent years have gained popularity for their stylish, innovative designs, clever use of space, affordability, short construction time and alternative means of income. While the granny flats themselves have a stylish design, what about blending them into your backyard? Discover how you can tie your main dwelling, backyard and garden in [...]

9 Good Questions To Ask Your Brisbane Granny Flat Builder

It is a big step, taking your dream of a granny flat to the next level. When planning a meeting with a Brisbane granny flat builder, there are a few questions you should ask. These questions will ensure you get a good understanding of what is involved and the process, so you can make an [...]

What’s With The Small Home Trend? The Global Trend Explained

You hear it everywhere, especially on Pinterest and blog sites, where people are ditching the luxuries of large homes and opting for small cabins and homes, but why? A look into the ideology of why small homes have become such a massive trend in Australia and around the world. We [...]