Relocatable Homes: The Ins & Outs of Buying A Prefabricated Relocatable Home

The Ins & Outs Of Buying A Prefabricated Home It is a common misinterpretation that prefabricated relocatable homes are inferior to traditional on-site built homes. This may have been the case in the 1970s and 1980s; however, much has changed in the industry since the “donga” style, mining unit days. Modern construction and developmental [...]

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Relocatable Homes: How Do They Weigh Up?

Relocatable Homes: How Do They Weigh Up? Relocatable homes or transportable homes are buildings that are designed and constructed to be moved from one place to another by vehicle. It is a common question that many ask, “if they are made to be moved, are they as strong as on-site built homes?”   [...]

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A Haven for the Little One

A Haven For The Little One With a little one on the way you will want to provide for them the perfect space that will help them feel safe and happy. The right colours, toys, furniture and facilities can make all the difference when setting up your child's nursery. [...]

5 Fantastic Ways To Add Value To Your Home

5 Fantastic Ways To Add Value To Your Home Planning on setting some new year's resolutions? How about setting one to invest in your home to make the most of your new year spirit! There are five key ways to transform your pad into a fresh, rejuvenated home whilst increasing your equity through some [...]

How To Put A House On A Ferry

How To Put A House On A Ferry It's not often you see a house being transported on a ferry. Well, that's just what happened when we built a modular home and transported it to South Stradbroke Island. All our modular pre-fabricated homes are stronger than [...]

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7 Reasons To Talk To Us

Building a House or Granny Flat? Seven reasons you need to talk to Hoek Modular Homes before selecting your builder 1. Choice Not only do we offer a range of 36 home designs we also give you the option to fully customise the design of your new home. You [...]