Luxury Kitchen Upgrade – Receive Upto $5,000*

Hoek Modular Homes is offering clients an exciting new promotion to end the financial year. We are are offering upto $5,000 in Luxury Kitchen Upgrades to clients who pay a deposit prior to June 30th 2020. Clients can choose from a wide range of upgrades including Stone Ambassador Benchtops, Smeg appliances, Polytec Thermolaminated Cabinetry, [...]

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Pre-Built Modular Homes – Designed to Last

If you are weighing up your options between a modular home versus a traditionally built home, worry not. Modular homes are not only designed and built to last, but also offer many benefits that traditional builders do not provide. Pre-built Modular homes are strong and high quality due to factory controlled environment, in which they [...]

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Granny Flats offer Solution for Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living is on the rise as families look for housing solutions to cater for all generations. Granny flats not only provide much needed space and privacy but also have many other benefits. Some examples of where multigenerational housing could be considered are if you have parents or grandparents who are wanting to downsize [...]

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Sustainability and Technology in Modular Homes

With amazing developments in technology, building a new home is a great chance to try out all these systems and products that can make our lives easier. Modern modular homes can offer you the same opportunities to install technology as traditional houses. Read more about your options for installing modern technology in your new [...]

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Understanding the Way Your Block Faces

In our harsh Queensland climate, it’s important to understanding which direction your house faces. No one wants to feel overheated and uncomfortable in their own home! By strategically positioning your home, you can maximise comfort and efficiency all year round.  Which Way Should My Home Face Real estate agents love to talk about house [...]

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Where To Buy Prefabricated Modular Homes In Brisbane

Where To Buy Prefab Modular Homes In Brisbane From a mile away, it’s difficult to tell apart prefabricated modular homes from traditional real estate. Even up close the seamless details and the engineering done on modular homes make it hard to tell the difference between the two. But don’t be fooled: prefab homes and [...]

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The Brisbane Modular Home Building Experts

The Brisbane Modular Home Building Expert Who doesn’t want to have a home of their own? After years of renting, even the most travel-happy people would want to settle down in a place they can proudly call theirs. The problem; however, is that traditional methods of financing for real property aren't always the best [...]

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Australia’s Most Preferable House Type

Australia's Most Popular Home When it comes to buying a home there are key factors that dictate what we buy. Location, bedrooms, bathrooms, land size, garages and affordability make up the general basics. According to, over the last year, Australia’s most popular home consists of more bedrooms than commonly seen in the past. [...]

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Hot Places To Build Modular Homes In South East Qld

Hot Places To Build Modular Homes In South East Qld Finding the right home design to build can come down to several important factors, mainly your budget, your needs, wants, and your purpose. There is an abundance of affordable property locations on which to build a new modular home. If you are looking for [...]

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Building Prefabricated Modular Homes in Australia

Australia is a wonderful country full of diversity, plenty of wide open spaces and opportunity. It is home to all kind of habitats, climates and weather patterns from lush cool rainforest and mountain ranges to sandy, warm beaches and scorching deserts. It is no wonder so many people love calling Australia their home and [...]