Why Build A Granny Flat?

Hoek Modular Homes: Why Build A Granny Flat? Granny flats have the ability to create that warm and cosy atmosphere that is revered in Winter months. The popularity of granny flats has been steadily increasing in Australia. Why? As Australia's population continues to grow, the residential space around cities is shrinking and the cost of [...]

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Modular Homes V.S Kit Homes QLD

No doubt there is many different reasons for choosing a modular or kit home, but what really is the difference and which would be the best option for you? What is a modular home? Modular homes contain all the same aspects as any home. Their true differences lie within [...]

Tiles, Blinds, Awnings & Facades: Choosing the Right Extras For Your New Home

Everyone wants something a little different when it comes to custom designing a home, and why not? That is why Hoek Modular Homes offer a range of custom design modular, granny flat and cabin homes, throughout Queensland, to suit your personal preferences. Facades Or Roof Designs Facades refer to the [...]

Why The National Shift to Prefabricated Housing?

Why The National Shift To Prefabricated Housing? If you are looking to buy a new home and are wondering just how people are able to afford to buy a new home and have it built so fast in this day and age, when the demand and costs are so high? Chances are you may [...]

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8 Steps to How We Build Your Home

Queensland's Leading Granny Flat, Cabin & Modular Home Builders At Hoek Modular Homes we pride ourselves on building quality homes to suit our customer's needs. We really listen to what the perfect home means for "you". Building a home requires a lot of discussion and planning, but what really goes into building a home? [...]

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Give Your Home An Eco Clean Shine

How To Give Your Modular, Granny Flat Or Cabin Home A Beautiful Shine Without The Nasty Chemicals Create a clean and safe environment for your family, pets and plants with these simple and environmentally friendly cleaning recipes. We live in a world where white and foam depicts "clean". Surfaces [...]

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Colour Scheming: How To Get That Dream Theme

How To Colour Scheme Your Granny Flat, Modular Home Or Cabin Home Colour is everything. It can make a statement, create a mood and impersonate space. These simple steps are the keys to unlock your dream theme for your home. Step 1: Decide on a theme. How do you [...]

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Modular Home Vs. Flat Pack Or Kit Homes

Modular Home Vs. Flat Pack Or Kit Homes We are often asked if we build flat pack homes. Also if we sell kit homes. What are the costs? While the initial price you see for a flat pack house or kit home can grab your attention, there are a [...]

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