Luxury Kitchen Upgrade – Receive Upto $5,000*

Hoek Modular Homes is offering clients an exciting new promotion to end the financial year. We are are offering upto $5,000 in Luxury Kitchen Upgrades to clients who pay a deposit prior to June 30th 2020. Clients can choose from a wide range of upgrades including Stone Ambassador Benchtops, Smeg appliances, Polytec Thermolaminated Cabinetry, [...]

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Granny Flats offer Solution for Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living is on the rise as families look for housing solutions to cater for all generations. Granny flats not only provide much needed space and privacy but also have many other benefits. Some examples of where multigenerational housing could be considered are if you have parents or grandparents who are wanting to downsize [...]

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Designing a Custom Home for Future Generations

If you’ve made the decision to build a home, it’s a good idea to consider your future needs as well as your current situation. If you plan to grow your family, you need a home designed for more than just two! Prebuilt modular homes can provide the perfect balance of flexibility and affordability for those [...]

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Choose a Modular Home for Your Beach House

With stunning views, cool breezes and endless opportunities for fun by the water, a beach house is the perfect escape. Custom modular homes make the perfect choice for those seeking coastal luxury without the price tag. Find the Perfect Balance of Indoor and Outdoor Living When you’re by the coast, it’s likely you’ll want to [...]

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How Modular Homes Have Changed Over the Years

While modular houses may seem like a modern concept, prefabricated homes have actually been around for decades. For years, modular homes have provided an affordable option for families who don’t want to sacrifice quality. New technology and processes mean that modular homes are built to incredibly high-quality standards, and can stand up to traditional [...]

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A Guide to Choosing Land for Your Modular Home

You’ve found a custom modular home design that you like, and now it’s time to consider where you will build it. In this article, we create a guide for choosing land for your modular home, including what questions to ask and how to choose a neighbourhood. Surface Shape of the Land One of the first [...]

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Modular Homes that Reflect Your Style

Some people may have reservations about building a modular home because of the stigma that they all look the same. In this article, we prove this to be false. Custom modular homes have many benefits, and their strengths especially lie in how they can match your style and needs. Designs While modular homes are prefabricated [...]

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How Much Does a Granny Flat Cost?

As with any venture, it is important to consider all possible costs involved before investing in a manufactured home. In this article, we will discuss the overall costs of building, maintaining and powering a granny flat.Council FeesOne of the first things to watch out for is council fees, generally, a fee depends on the lot [...]

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Making Your Granny Flat Match Your Home

The beauty of a custom modular home is being able to dictate how you want it to look. In this article, we explore important tips for decorating your granny flat so it seems like it has always been there! Colours When it comes to decorating, colours are important. If you are interested in making [...]

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Permanent or Portable Granny Flats, Lets Explore the Benefits

With all the changes in granny flat design, it seems appropriate to explore and evaluate the differences between permanent and portable granny flats. We’ll explore their different strengths so you can be sure you’re building the right one for you.What is the Difference?A permanent granny flat is often built on site, whereas a portable granny [...]

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