Beat Those Rainy Day Blues: Home Boredom Busters

Home Rainy Day Boredom Busters Are you loving the cool weather but find yourself feeling bored? This list of excellent ways to beat those rainy day boredom blues indoors in your Granny Flat, Modular home or Cabin home. It is pouring outside and you've got the day off. It [...]

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8 Steps to How We Build Your Home

Queensland's Leading Granny Flat, Cabin & Modular Home Builders At Hoek Modular Homes we pride ourselves on building quality homes to suit our customer's needs. We really listen to what the perfect home means for "you". Building a home requires a lot of discussion and planning, but what really goes into building a home? [...]

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Give Your Home An Eco Clean Shine

How To Give Your Modular, Granny Flat Or Cabin Home A Beautiful Shine Without The Nasty Chemicals Create a clean and safe environment for your family, pets and plants with these simple and environmentally friendly cleaning recipes. We live in a world where white and foam depicts "clean". Surfaces [...]

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A Haven for the Little One

A Haven For The Little One With a little one on the way you will want to provide for them the perfect space that will help them feel safe and happy. The right colours, toys, furniture and facilities can make all the difference when setting up your child's nursery. [...]

7 Home Maintenance Musts

7 Home Maintenance Musts Looking after a home can be an enormous task. Between cleaning, washing, cooking and mowing the lawn, we often forget about other important things and when they should be done. Whether you own a Queenslander, apartment, granny flat or planning to transport your home here are some things you need [...]

Colour Scheming: How To Get That Dream Theme

How To Colour Scheme Your Granny Flat, Modular Home Or Cabin Home Colour is everything. It can make a statement, create a mood and impersonate space. These simple steps are the keys to unlock your dream theme for your home. Step 1: Decide on a theme. How do you [...]

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Decluttering Made Easy

Decluttering Made Easy Over the years it can be easy to collect a lot of "stuff" and sooner or later we reach a stage where we realise that having more often means more work. In our often hectic lives, the last thing we want to come home to is cleaning and caring for things [...]

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5 Fantastic Ways To Add Value To Your Home

5 Fantastic Ways To Add Value To Your Home Planning on setting some new year's resolutions? How about setting one to invest in your home to make the most of your new year spirit! There are five key ways to transform your pad into a fresh, rejuvenated home whilst increasing your equity through some [...]