Why Build A Granny Flat?

Hoek Modular Homes: Why Build A Granny Flat? Granny flats have the ability to create that warm and cosy atmosphere that is revered in Winter months. The popularity of granny flats has been steadily increasing in Australia. Why? As Australia's population continues to grow, the residential space around cities is shrinking and the cost of [...]

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Backyard Cabins – Uses For Leisure & Business

Backyard cabins can be more than just your average guest house. Across Brisbane and the globe, you can find backyard cabins used as home offices, workshops, studios, guest rooms, children’s play houses, gardening cabins and retreats, just to name a few. If you are wondering how you could utilise a cabin in your backyard, [...]

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The Best Homes For Sloping & Uneven Locations

Hoek Modular Homes: Sloping Block Homes Perhaps you are looking to add a secondary dwelling or simply love a block of land but the land is not quite level, thus; you are wondering if it is possible to put a house there without the trouble of levelling. Stress not, modular and prefabricated homes might [...]

Granny Flat Interior Designs To Brighten Your Life

Life can have its ups and downs, we all go through dark times, when we look for the little things to brighten our day and cheer us up. Our homes have a huge impact on our lives, they are our places of refuge and love. Adding simple and bright interior design elements can enhance [...]

Expanding And Additional Structures: What You Need To Know

"There just never seems to be enough room!" If you find yourself saying this, then expanding might be a thought you are having also. Expanding by adding additional structures to your home can benefit a family in more ways that one. Not only does it give you that extra space you need but it [...]

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What’s With The Small Home Trend? The Global Trend Explained

You hear it everywhere, especially on Pinterest and blog sites, where people are ditching the luxuries of large homes and opting for small cabins and homes, but why? A look into the ideology of why small homes have become such a massive trend in Australia and around the world. We [...]

7 Ways To Make Your Home Disability Friendly

It is not easy living with a disability, it can put a lot of strain on day-to-day activities and make it hard to find a home that is set up for your needs. There are, however, several home modifications that can be made if you have found the perfect home for you and want [...]

Tiles, Blinds, Awnings & Facades: Choosing the Right Extras For Your New Home

Everyone wants something a little different when it comes to custom designing a home, and why not? That is why Hoek Modular Homes offer a range of custom design modular, granny flat and cabin homes, throughout Queensland, to suit your personal preferences. Facades Or Roof Designs Facades refer to the [...]

Why The National Shift to Prefabricated Housing?

Why The National Shift To Prefabricated Housing? If you are looking to buy a new home and are wondering just how people are able to afford to buy a new home and have it built so fast in this day and age, when the demand and costs are so high? Chances are you may [...]

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