Backyard cabins can be more than just your average guest house. Across Brisbane and the globe, you can find backyard cabins used as home offices, workshops, studios, guest rooms, children’s play houses, gardening cabins and retreats, just to name a few. If you are wondering how you could utilise a cabin in your backyard, here’s are few ideas for you.

1. Home Businesses

Are you dreaming of working from home? Setting up your own business, selling your products or services in the comfort of your own home can have its ups and downs. Whilst the luxury of being your own boss, zero travel time to get to work and being in a place of work that you enjoy is a discerning factor for most, however; balancing work life and home life can become a struggle. Many home business owners will find that working within the home itself, can make it easy to become distracted. Maybe you forgot to put the washing on, write a list of parts you need for a home projects or need to water the garden, all these things though seemingly small jobs, they can add up, stealing time away from your business work. Similarly, working within the main dwelling can also make it harder to switch off and have family/leisure time as well.

Backyard cabins can offer a structured alternative. Built separate from the main dwelling, these home business places allow you to set up a workplace at home whilst creating a mental and physical difference between your home life and work life. You can set your work hours, then leave your cabin when the working part of your day is done or for lunch breaks, like you would if you were working for someone else. External home business buildings can also help you get “in the zone”. The act of physically going to a place of work, changes ones mindset, forcing you to get up, get dressed and have everything prepared prior to when you want your working day to start. At the end of the day, once the door closes, you can walk away, leaving any unfinished work and any work stress behind, instead of being surrounded by it constantly.

Be sure to keep in mind that when setting up a business from home, you will need to check with your local council on their licenses and regulations.


2. Workshop/Studio

Everyone has a hobby, however; some can be more space hungry than others. Hobbies such as playing an instrument, music recording or painting can be quite loud, sensitive to sound or messy, thus you might need a place that is removed from the home with plenty of space, that’s peaceful, quiet, and creates a space that is free from interruptions. Backyard cabins can offer this solution.

Backyard cabins can become a place for you. Lovers of crafts or DIY projects for example, can stock all their equipment neatly in one place separate from the home, have plenty of space to carry out their hobby and be a place that inspires them. No matter whether your hobby is woodwork, reading, arts, DIY projects or crafts, a backyard cabin could work for you.


3. Guest Room

If you are someone who has friends and family who love to come and stay with you often, then turning a backyard cabin into a guest room could be a great option for you. Backyard cabins and granny flats are perfect for a place to crash for the night or a fully self contained holiday stay. Equipped with at least one bathroom, bedroom and, if desired, a full kitchen or kitchenette, backyard cabins or granny flats will may any guest feel immediately at home.


4. Entertaining Area

Placed strategically beside a patio or deck, backyard cabins can turn into an additional area for entertaining guests. Backyard cabins can provide a place with equipment to host a party or entertain  separate from the main dwelling. This works extremely well for families who has members with start work early as they can retire to bed early with little interruption, or families with young adults who love to host their own private parties in the safety of their own backyards.


5. Pool/Lake House

Similar to a cabin’s use for entertaining, they can also act as a place for relaxing and spending a day by the pool, creek, dam or lake. This works extremely well if you have a swimming hole on your property that isn’t close to the main dwelling. Using backyard cabins in this way, give you a place to shower and dry off after a swim, relax, sleep overnight, if desired, and entertain. It is a great way to spend your weekends or school holidays at home.


6. Children’s Play House Or Learning Room

Young children, to learn and grow, need to play and develop new skills. What better way to provide your child with an environment that is fun and safe than their own play house? Children who are also home schooled can find it easier to learn in an environment that promotes focus and learning such as their own at home classroom.


7. Garden Cabin

Have you got a green thumb? If you are a garden enthusiast then you may be thinking of how you can turn your home and garden into a glorious thriving oasis. Backyard cabins can easily be converted into a room for caring and propagating delicate seedlings, creating garden projects such as terrariums, bonsais and kokedamas and a place for sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea, beer or glass of wine after a long day’s work.


8. Retreat

In some council regions, backyard cabins and granny flats can be rented out or used as accommodation for holidaymakers. If you have a beautiful property that you would love to share with others whilst making some extra cash, then turning your backyard cabin or granny flat into retreat style accommodation might be for you.

Be sure to check with your local council about licenses and regulations associated with retreat style accommodation.


9. Additional Rooms

Backyard cabins are a simple solution to gaining an additional bedroom or living space. New additions to the family can increase the need for additional room to ensure everyone is contempt and has their own space.


10. Quiet Zone

Sometime, you just need a space to escape and relax. This is where backyard cabins can become great quiet zones. Fill it with things you enjoy, such as large bookshelves, soft comfy lounges, hammocks and peaceful decor to make your cabin feel like your little escape away from the world.


If you are looking for a backyard cabin or granny flats for your property then why not check out our amazing range of affordable designs and floor plans. We also take care of all council approvals for you. Contact us today to find out more. Call (07) 3889 7385.