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A Haven for the Little One


With a little one on the way you will want to provide for them the perfect space that will help them feel safe and happy. The right colours, toys, furniture and facilities can make all the difference when setting up your child's nursery.

Baby Boots



When deciding on the colouring and theme of the room, it is often a good idea to keep it pretty simple and neutral. An all pink or blue gender orientated colour scheme may end up being out of place, even if you do know the gender of your child. It's a lot more personalised and cost effective to add coloured decor to suit your child than to paint the entire room in that colour. Perhaps you might consider having another child further on down the track, thus it's best to keep your options open.

Great soft colours include watercolour tones such as pale yellow, green, cream and white with trimming or touches of brown. These colours also provide your child with the opportunity to starting learning familiarity with the outside world, i.e. yellow sun, green grass, brown dirt/mud.

Brown colour swatch Cream Colour Swatch Pale Yellow Colour Swatch Pale Green Colour Swatch



During the day you will want to allow plenty of natural light into the room. A large, fly screen and thick curtained window, approximately one metre from the floor is the perfect height. You can put a change table or play area underneath it allowing your child to gaze outside without being able to make any crafty escapes as they get older.

The fly screens allow fresh air to flow in through the window without letting any little nasty pests into the room. The thick curtains allows your little one to have an undisturbed sleep whether it is day or night.

Artificial lighting should be placed in areas away from directly above or beside where you child would lay. This prevents damaging the child's eyes from looking into it while they are lying down. Lights should hold soft warm light baulbs and if possible dimmable ones. You may want a lamp beside any seating you may have if you're watching over your child and would like to possibly read whilst doing so.

Baby's Nursery Lighting


Rest and Sleeping Areas

With a young children your going to need an area for them to take a nap as well as yourself. According to The Bub Hub, a cot is more, "cost-effective as they'll be able to use [it] until they're 2+". (The Bub Hub, 2016)

A solid cot with adjustable sides is excellent for easily getting your child in or out. It's going to need a comfortable mattresss, waterproof protector sheet and fitted sheet.

For children in their early stages, you are going to want to have some swaddles to keep them warm and provide them with a safe and secure position to sleep. Always have an extra fluffy blanket for extra warmth and comfort.

For yourself you are going to want a soft and comfy chair that you might possibly sleep in, preferrable a recliner or lounge. Be sure to lay a towel over the arm rests in case of any accidents.

Baby Nursery Furniture



Other facilities you need in your nursery are plenty of storage and shelving. You are going to need a place to neatly store extra blankets, baby clothes, toys, nappies, baby changing items, clothes and baby products.

A change table is very handy for storing all the items required for changing that dirty nappy with drawers and cupboards. Changing tables also save your back from continual bending of your back. A waterproof changing mat with raised sides are excellent to help keep your child from rolling around or off the change table. You need some nice soft towels to place underneath your little one to keep them dry and catch any leaks. To dispose of nappies and wipes you are going to want a bin either beside or underneath the change table within a cupboard, thus a change table with large cupboards allows you to keep bins and other products neatly out of the way.

Baby Nursery Nappy Changing Station


Other Furniture

Soft mats or rugs allow for beautiful play areas, if you have timber or lino floors, however it is safer for you child if there is carpet in your nursery, as it can soften a fall.

Pictures and wall hangings are great for generating curiosity and wonder for your child. Images that represent natural aspects are alway nice so your little one can find familiarity in the outside world, searching and recognising for them.


Products and Appliances

Toys are excellent ways to amuse young children, encouraging creativity and learning. Soft toys and ones with no small parts or fine detailing, that can be easily broken off, are excellent for first toys. Remember you little one will most likely suck and chew on these toys so be sure to take this into consideration when buy their first toys. Try and select toys with lots of colour, images and with creative potential such as building blocks.

Baby monitors are handy especially when children are in their early stages, allowing you to keep a constant eye on your child.


Other Essential Items

  • Cloths
  • Cloth and/or disposable nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Thermometre

A lot of items such as clothes, can be bought later on down the track when you know the size and preference of your child. Other than that you're all set to introduce your little one to his/her new home and share with them all their happy moments to come.

Baby Dummy and Blankets Baby Bed and Toys





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